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Lakshmana Min

"The Ministry of Social Harmony has officially named Lakshmana as a child martyr who was snatched away from the arms of her father far before her time. She will be loved and remembered forever."
— King Min's Kyrat

Lakshmana Min (1988-1989) was the daughter of Pagan Min and Ishwari Ghale, as well as being Ajay Ghale's half-sister. She was killed by Mohan Ghale  through unknown methods before her second birthday. Ishwari's dying wish was to be taken "back to Lakshmana". Typically Lakshmana is a male name, however, it is also the name of one of Krishna's eight wives in Hindu mythology.

Relatively nothing is known about Lakshmana due to her very early death. She has the same symbol on her forehead as Amita which Ubisoft states is cultural tradition amongst Kyrati women. Her clothes bear the same peacock emblem that Pagan wears on his jacket lapel when he and Ajay first meet, but the symbol's significance is unknown. It is possible that Lakshmana's death was one of the reasons why Ishwari killed Mohan.

Ubisoft has confirmed during Q&A that Lakshmana is definitely dead, and that there is no possibility of her having survived.[1] And if that wasn't enough, by the end of the game, if Min is spared, then he tells Ajay of who Lakshmana really is and how she died, and what happened afterwards.

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