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The LK-1018 is a rocket launcher that appears in Far Cry 4. It is acquired after finishing all four Longinus missions, and is given by Longinus himself. The rocket it fires is slow and easy for enemies to avoid, but can be guided when aiming down the launcher's scope. When fired, the rocket is set on a 4-second timer. If the rocket hits an obstacle within that time, the rocket will detonate normally. However, if the rocket is in the air for longer than 4 seconds or if the player shoots the rocket while aiming with the LCAM sight, the rocket flies upwards, similar to a javelin anti-tank missile, and will act like a mortar.

The launcher has one attachment, the LCAM sight, which allows the weapon to lock on to vehicles and replaces the rocket with a cluster missile. With this attachment, the LK-1018's cluster missiles can be used similarly to a mortar, and are very useful for engaging multiple closely-spaced enemies, such as Pagan's Wrath convoys, as well as positions manned by enemy troops, such as Outposts and Fortresses. While tricky, it is possible to take out a small outpost with a single shot.

Bugs Edit

  • When the LCAM sight is unequipped, its effect will remain on the LK-1018. To fix this, unequip the sight, then remove the launcher from your weapon holster, then put it back into your weapon holster. This should remove the effect from the LK-1018, until the LCAM sight is re-equipped.


Trivia Edit

  • The weapon's design appears to be based on the RPG-29 anti-tank rocket launcher.
  • The LK-1018's name is a Bible reference. Luke 10:18 "And he replied, 'I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven,'" a fitting description of the rocket's behavior with the LCAM sight equipped.

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