Krati was a warrior of the Izila tribe, the child of fire, the deceased son of Batari, and a minor character of Far Cry Primal.

Corpse of Krati

Krati's mummified corpse.

Background Edit

Many years ago, Krati betrayed his mother and led a rebellion within the Izila tribe. The rebellion was destroyed, and Batari was forced to burn her own son alive for his crime. All that is left of Krati is his mask that has been placed in his tomb. Batari and her entire tribe believe that Krati's mask is haunted, and she fears that the spirit of her son will return as the "son of ash", a mythic destroyer who will take revenge on Batari and the world.

Reference Edit

Trivia Edit

  • If you return to the cave where you stole Krati's mask, you can see his mummified corpse.

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