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King Nnyere

King Nnyere

King Kgosi Nnyere is a character in Far Cry 2. He is the former King of the country in which the conflict is taking place. Nnyere fled into exile with his gold, which was taken from the country's mines, shortly after the country gained independence, and the country presumably became a republic as it later had a president as noted by several NPC's (who himself fled into exile shortly before the collapse of the central government, and who died in mysterious circumstances in exile).

Nyere is responsible for the worsening of the conflict in the country, as, according to Joaquin Carbonell, he was playing two sides against the middle, dealing with both APR and UFLL, with the promise of his gold.

After a while, he has returned to the country along with all his gold and his son, Prince Oeduard, and made a deal with Oliver Tambossa, his former ally, seeking to restore the monarchy and his legacy, and pass the throne on to his son before he dies. Tambossa takes the King's gold under his protection in the Oasis and sets up the residence for King Nnyere in the Legion Fort. Gakumba doesn't want the King to return to power, so he hires the player to find the King's gold and send its location to him and Carbonell.

If the player subverts Gakumba's mission and meets up with his buddy, the buddy will reveal that Prince Oeduard is looking to have his father assassinated. Oeduard wants to take possession of Nnyere's signet ring, which will grant him access to his father's bank account in Belgium. If the player chooses to assassinate Kgosi Nnyere, he will have to go to the King's residence in Legion Fort and kill the King in his room on the second floor in the easternmost tower of the Fort.

When approached, the King will tell the player that if something happens to him, Oeduard will eat the player's heart, not knowing anything about his son's plans. If the player waits for too long before killing Nnyere, he will draw out a Star .45 pistol that he will use to defend himself.

After the King is assassinated, the player will have to take the ring from the King's body and return it to Prince Oeduard.

It is unknown what happened with the King's gold after the UFLL got the stash's location. Presumably, Gakumba used it to fuel the UFLL's war against the APR.