King Min's Wisdom is a E3 trailer and the introduction in the game Far Cry 4. This cutscene is CGI made to introduce the characters Ajay Ghale, Pagan Min, Darpan and the game "Far Cry 4". It would not be used again because is just a trailer, but the CGI was so well made and fits so well with the game context that producers re-used and placed at the beginning of the game after the player begins the main campaign.

Far Cry 4 Edit

"Ajay my son, i have just one last wish, take me back to Lakshmana — Ishwari talking with Ajay, before she dies.

After the above message appears on the screen, the player sees a landscape as a man named Chet Peterson talks to Ajay Ghale, he was the US ambassador in Patna, India, and was confirming with Ajay their passage to India with additional trip to Kyrat. Upon hearing this message the player enters in Ajay's view, he is holding the ashes of Ishwari Ghale, his mother, he had entered Kyrat in a bus with the help of Darpan, a man he had met in India. The bus is stopped for inspection by the Royal Army. Shots are fired when the soldiers discover that Ajay was there. Ajay and Darpan survive the shots on the bus and leave with a helicopter and Pagan Min, the king of the country coming. Pagan kills with a pen the leader of the group of soldiers and recognizes Ajay, he apologizes, hugs him and takes a selfie with it. After Darpan and Ajay are arrested and a bag is put in their heads so that they can be taken to the De Pleur's Compound for a apologizing dinner and the title of the game is show in the screen.

Video Edit

Far Cry 4 - E3 2014 Cinematic Trailer05:46

Far Cry 4 - E3 2014 Cinematic Trailer

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