Karma is a system used in Far Cry 4 that can reward or punish players based on their actions.

Information Edit

Karma is earned by performing good tasks for the Golden Path and citizens of Kyrat.

You can do a number of things to increase your karma, including:

  • The various Karma Events that take place all around Kyrat, including saving a hostage from armed Royal Guards, helping the Golden Path during a firefight, and protecting a group of people from wild animals.
  • Shooting an eagle attacking an ally will award you with karma.
  • Spinning Mani Wheels, collecting Masks of Yalung, or collecting the four Thangkas will award generous amounts of Karma.
  • Killing animals without guns or explosives, i.e. with Throwing knives, bows, crossbows, or using your khukri blade to kill them will award small amounts of karma per each kill.
  • There is a skill in the skill tree that allows you to multiply your Karma earnings many fold.

Karma can also be taken away if you kill the Golden Path warriors, innocent civilians, or elephants. However, once you reach the maximum Karma level, it will be impossible to lose it.

The Karma system works through 8 different levels, each level unlocking something. Rewards for obtaining higher Karma levels include discounts on Guns for Hire tokens, loot and item maps, more storage for Guns for Hire tokens, upgrades to the Gun for hire, and at level 6 you unlock a Signature weapon. Level 8 is the maximum obtainable Karma level, and once you reach it, killing Golden Path and Elephants will no longer reduce your Karma score.

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