Kade is a major character in Far Cry Instincts: Evolution.

Her first brief appearance is on board a jeep ordering Jack to get on the turret whilst they're being shot at. Jack then has a flashback detailing how he got to his current predicament. The flashback includes cinematic s and gameplay. She meets Jack in the beginning of the game in a bar while dressed in a very revealing clothing attire. After making a tempting offer to oversee an arms exchange, Jack accepts and the two are next seen landing at a pirate enclave on a seaplane. Kade then leaves with the buyers to discuss the translation, leaving Jack on the pier. When pirate rebels attack the enclave Jack aids in the defence. He later finds Kade in a nearby building with the two dead buyers. Jack is forced abandon Kade when he is framed for the buyer's murder. Later in the story Kade is found fighting off rebels from within a jeep, until Jack rescues her. The two then drive through a pirate village whilst under fire, ending Jack's flashback at the bridge and the game continues from there. After some awful driving and poor shooting the pair emerge onto a shore where Kade provocatively sidles up to Jack and takes her money back, tricking him.