KEO Gold Storage is a location and outpost within northern Kyrat in Far Cry 4.

Overview Edit

The outpost has a total of two alarms and two propaganda posters. It has an underground storage room with a few loot chests and ammunition. This outpost has a few Chargers, Snipers, Defenders and one Heavy Gunner. As in terms of difficulty, it is ranked medium. It is located in the north side of the map and north of the KEO Logging Camp.


  • Kyrat Fashion Week (Mad Devil)
  • Hostage Rescue

Strategy Edit

An effective way to overtake the outpost would be to sneak into the underground storage room and plant mines/C4 at the tunnels to the entrance. Then having a weapon that would be a high damage per shot e.g SPAS-12 or LMG guard the tunnels until someone walks onto the mines. Then it is straightforward, pumping enemies full of shotgun shells and bullets. For people to actually walk down you need to create a disturbance like shooting or killing someone in plain sight. For convince you can also tag them before you go into the storage room. It is recommended to use MG42 as it is powerful and shoots out bullets very fast.

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