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Junkyard Dog
Mission information
Faction APR
Given by Prosper Kouassi and Nicholas Greaves
Start Pala
End Scrap Salvage
Previous Next
Reap What Ye Sow Fool's Errand

Junkyard Dog is a primary mission during Act I in Far Cry 2.

The mission is given to the player by Prosper Kouassi and Nicholas Greaves, at the APR HQ in Pala.


The APR wants the player to go to the Scrap Salvage and destroy a compressor used by the UFLL to make repairs on their equipment.

Objectives and Walkthrough Edit

Main Objective Edit

After receiving the mission from Kouassi head over to the Scrap Salvage and destroy the compressor to complete the mission.

Location Objective
Pala Receive the mission objective.
Scrap Salvage Go to Scrap Salvage and destroy the compressor.

Subverted Mission Edit

After accepting the mission from the APR, your best buddy will call you and offer you the opportunity of subverting this mission. Your buddy will ask you to meet them southeast of the PetroSahel. The buddy will ask the player to go to the PetroSahel and retrieve a map for them before destroying the compressor.

After getting the map the player must then destroy the compressor at the Scrap Salvage, then go to the marked location to help the buddy eliminate all the UFLL troops.

Location Objective
Safehouse southeast of the PetroSahel Meet your buddy at the safehouse.
PetroSahel Go to the PetroSahel and obtain the map.
Scrap Salvage Destroy the Compressor at the Scrap Salvage.
Checkpoint north of the Scrap Salvage. Proceed to the ambush point and help eliminate all UFLL troops.

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