Joseph Seed
The Father
Status: Alive
Role: Main Antagonist
Age: 42
Date of birth: 1976
Birthplace: United States
Nationality: American
Religion: The Project at Eden's Gate
Height: 5' 11¼" (1.81 m)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Weight: 160 lbs (72 kg)
Residence(s): Hope County
Alias(es): The Father
Profession: Preacher
Rank: Leader
Sibling(s): John Seed
Jacob Seed
Faith Seed
Played by: Greg Bryk
Game: Far Cry 5
"You can feel it, can't you? you can feel that we are creeping towards the edge... and there will be a reckoning"
— Joseph Seed quotes in gameplay intro

Joseph Seed is the main antagonist of Far Cry 5. He is a ruthless megalomaniac who is the founder and the leader of the Hope County-based religious cult organization "Project at Eden's Gate" alongside his siblings who he dubs "The Heralds"; Jacob, John, and Faith Seed. Eden's Gate has used both coercion and violence to bring the existing residents of Hope County into its cult, as ordered by Seed, and, as of the events depicted in the game, is in direct conflict with The Resistance and its members.


  • Joseph Seed is the second-youngest main antagonist at 42, right after Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3 who was 27 years old.
  • He bears a strong resemblance to another cult leader, David Koresh. Whether this is intentional or not is unknown.


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