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In-game picture of the Jet Ski


The different Jet Ski colour schemes

"Ever jet ski while armed to the teeth? Now's your chance to try, but keep an eye out for Jinx. She wants her hairdo back and she has a license to kill."
— Survival Guide

Jet Skis are among the fastest and most reliable vehicles in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4, and can be found nearly where ever water is present.

It has a low armour rating, but it can be improved with the Evasive Driving skill, since the skill makes all vehicles take 50% less damage.

It can be found in several colours including blue, green, black/yellow, red, and orange.

The Jet Ski is the fastest and smallest water vehicle in the game. Due to its size, it is easy to maneuver, but it can only seat one person.

Stats Edit

  • Armor: Weak
  • Speed: Excellent
  • Acceleration: Very Fast


  • If driven onto the shore, it can be pushed back into the water.
  • Like other vehicles, the Jet Ski can be repaired using the Repair Tool.
  • Due to the vehicles weak armor, knifing it a few times can cause it to smoke and explode.

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