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Wildlife: Jellyfish

"The screams through the night. The hot air of explosions shaking the treetops. The bodies. Some faceless. They were only following orders."
— Survival Guide

Jellyfish are animals that can be found in Far Cry 3. They are often seen floating in coastal waters in groups of 2 or 3 animals. A few different colour patterns can be observed, mostly white, blue or yellow-orange.

If Jason swims too close to it, the jellyfish can actually sting him, dealing minimal damage unless the game is set to a high difficulty.



Two Jellyfish in the ocean

  • Jellyfish populations are a good way to warn the player about the presence of bull sharks, since these two species swim at the same water depth.
  • Although jellyfish cannot be killed, a handbook entry can be unlocked. This is only possible through a glitch at the coordinates (x: 301.6, y: 283.3) where the sea disappears and is just a dry pit. If a jellyfish happens to be in this pit, throw a Molotov at it and a handbook entry will be received for it.
    • Approach the dry pit with caution, as there is no water gravity there and it is deep enough for the falling damage to be fatal. Driving a boat into the pit perfectly safe, however, and any boat besides a jetski should just harmlessly flop down to the sea floor. The player may then get out and stand on the ground to more easily kill a jellyfish with molotovs.
    • Note that while the handbook entry is given, the jellyfish is not actually dead, and it will still sting the player if he gets too close.

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