Jaguars are animals first introduced in Far Cry Primal. They are based on the European Jaguar, Panthera (onca) gombaszoegensis.



Jaguars are found in the western and southern regions of Oros. The Rare Black Jaguar can be spotted sometimes among other Jaguars. Both types of jaguars are tameable.


Jaguar hunting is rated as being as of medium difficulty. Jaguars have 2 Health and do 2 Damage. The Rare Black Jaguar has 3 Health and does 3 Damage. As a tamed beast, the Jaguar has 2 Strength, 4 Speed, and 5 Stealth. Rare Black Jaguars have 3 Strength, 4 Speed, and 5 Stealth. Due to their high stealth ability, both types of jaguars can attack unsuspecting targets without alerting nearby enemies.


Jaguars are quick and stealthy. Be ready to quickly switch to your club if one attacks. They can also climb. Jaguars are ideal for stealth situations with the ability to take down unsuspecting foes without alerting others. Take one along when capturing outposts for added support. They also have great speed, allowing them to chase down any target.


You can find the Rare Black Jaguar mixed in with other Jaguars. Just like the Jaguar, it excels at stealth and speed. Be sure to tame it as soon as you get a chance; it is a very handy beast to have at your back and call. The Rare Black Jaguar is resistant to fire.


  • Although the Jaguars in Far Cry Primal are even smaller than Leopards, which are likely based on the Snow Leopard, the European Jaguar was, in reality, much larger, being larger than modern-day South American jaguars and being similar in size to modern-day lions and tigers.
  • Like the rest of the feline species of the game, the jaguars can't swim. In reality, jaguars are among the few cat species that like water and can swim very well.
  • In the game, jaguars make cougar-like sounds. In reality, jaguars can actually roar and they sound similar to common leopards.

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