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Jackal tape

Jackal Tapes

Jackal Tapes are recordings between Reuben Oluwagembi and The Jackal. They were stolen from Reuben and can be found scattered all over both Leboa-Sako and Bowa Seko. They appear on diamond locators.

Bringing Jackal Tapes to Reuben will net you two achievements/trophies, "Investigative Reporter" and "Pulitzer material".

Tapes by location Edit

Leboa-Sako Edit

You will get the first tape from Reuben Oluwagembi the first time you visit Mike's Bar. In addition to the first tape, eight others are spread throughout Leboa-Sako. These tapes can usually be found sitting next to or on top of a larger object. In most cases, they’re next to a wrecked vehicle. The tapes are all numbered and contain a specific topic discussed by Reuben and the Jackal. The tapes are gathered in the same order regardless of where you pick them up. For example, the first tape you grab is Smuggling, followed by Circulation, Economics, and so on.

Here’s a list of the tapes available in Leboa-Sako:

Infamy Edit

Recorded 17/09/2008: A true monster? The Jackal revealed his dark side. “To break a man’s will…you have to break his mind.”

Smuggling Edit

Recorded 2/10/2008: One of my final recordings with the Jackal. Dark revealing insight into UFLL’s Mbantuwe—a heartless man.

Circulation Edit

Recorded 20/09/2008: Taking advantage of cease-fires, the Jackal circulates old weapons to fresh contacts elsewhere.

Economics Edit

Recorded 24/09/2008: No moral code. Jackal equates illegal arms with portable radios. Everything reduced to economics.

Home Edit

Recorded 17/09/2008: Jackal blames Africans for their misery. Doesn't care. Accepts no responsibility.

Rat-Catcher Edit

Recorded 24/09/2008: Jackal recounts story of man sinking to insanity. Madness. Horror.

Career Counseling Edit

Recorded 20/09/2008: Explains how he became arms dealer.

Stability Edit

Recorded 2/10/2008: No ideology in Jackal’s arms trade. Sells weapons for maximum profit.

The Humanist Edit

Recorded 17/09/2008: Jackal believes his choices are circumstance. Could anyone be an arms dealer?

Bowa Seko Edit

Eight more tapes are hidden throughout Bowa Seko, most near wrecks of some kind. Once you’ve retrieved a tape, return it to Reuben during your next visit to Mike’s Bar. If you return all 16 tapes to Reuben (from Leboa-Sako and Bowa Seko) you’ll earn the Pulitzer Material achievement/trophy.

Here’s a list of the tapes available in Bowa Seko:

Stealing Boots Edit

Recorded 15/10/2008: Boy soldier stealing from the dead.

Gluten-Free Edit

Recorded 30/10/2008: Jackal challenges the West’s moral high ground. AK-47 the great equalizer.

Necessary Evil Edit

Recorded 5/10/2008: Jackal untouchable? Believes his role is encouraged by foreign governments.

Lion’s Share Edit

Recorded 13/10/2008: Jackal understands his position, but still gets what he wants.

Unrecognizable Edit

Recorded 30/10/2008: Last words of the Jackal. Interview over?

Gutshot Edit

Recorded 13/10/2008: Jackal crosses a fire fight. Spots dying man. Did he finish him or not?

No Sense Edit

Recorded 5/10/2008: Jackal asks what they fight for. Where’s the ideology? What are they dying for?

Numbers Edit

Recorded 19/10/2008: Jackal turns murder into cold numbers.

Glitch Edit

After the final patch for the game many players began encountering a glitch where all tapes after #10 (Stealing Boots) would play the same thing. The glitch seems to only affect tapes gathered in the southern map, where as the northern tapes would be fine. The glitch, however, does not affect the collecting of associated Achievements/Trophies.

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