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Jack in a Box
Mission information
Faction Buddies
Given by Andre Hyppolite
Reward Buddy history and reputation increase
Previous Next
A Pumping Explosion none

Jack in a Box is a buddy mission in Far Cry 2 This is a mission given by Andre Hyppolite


Andre informs the player that an unknown man has assassinated Oliver Tambossa's brother. The man took a trophy in order to prove it. Andre also informs the player that Addi Mbantuwe wants that trophy. He also reveals that the man who killed Tambossa's brother is hiding the "trophy" in a box located in Weelegol Village.

Objectives and WalkthroughEdit

Location Objective
Marina Receive the objective from Andre Hyppolite Weelegol Village

Retrieve the box.

Marina Return to Andre and complete the mission


The gunman who killed Tambossa's brother can actually be seen in the mission in Weelegol Village next to a briefcase of diamonds and the "trophy' box. He has the same character model as the Assassination targets. You have to kill him in order to get the box easier.

  • It is implied that the assassin is a mercenary from South Africa, Europe, or from the U.S.

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