An Izila settlement.

The Izila tribe (His-hílax, "The language of the Masters"[1]), referred to as Sun Walkers, are an antagonistic tribe led by Batari that resides in the Southern Marshlands in Far Cry Primal. The Izila are viewed as Aztec-like pyromaniacal doomsday cultists who originated from Mesopotamia, before spreading north into Central Europe and the Valley of Oros. They worship their High Priestess, Batari, and their deities; Suxli (the sun) and Mensos (the moon). The Izila have a violent history with the Wenja and the Udam tribes, and they are the ones who gave Ull his burns and scars. The Izila have also developed agriculture and irrigation to grow their own food, which makes them technologically more advanced than the Wenja and the Udam. The Izila's advanced technology is evident when visiting Izila outposts and forts, which are more organized than those of the Udam, and often contain towers and wooden walls for defense.

The Izila language is based on Proto-Indo-European, and is more advanced than the language of the Wenja and Udam. The Izila's matriarchal society is also distinct from that of the other tribes. Many Izila warriors are women.

The Izila are fit and skinny people with blue body paint who seem to depend on fire and fire-laced weapons for protection. They also have a habit of sacrificing their captives by burning them in order to appease their deities or enslaving them to construct standing stone totems that they use to mark their territories. Players will often encounter captured Wenja in cages when infiltrating Izila settlements.


Some Izila wear armor made of stone and masks made of clay to protect themselves from their fire and their foe's weapons.

Notable Members Edit

Units Edit


Izila archer.

Trivia Edit

  • The Civilians are voiced by the same who voiced Golden Path.
  • They can be recognized from distance, by their blue tripe paint on their body.

References Edit

  1. 2017-06-13, A Grammar of Izila (His-hílax). Blogspot, accessed on 2017-09-13

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