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"... and the Giant rose from still waters ..."

The Ink Monster aka "the Giant", is a boss that Jason Brody will have to destroy during Far Cry 3 's main storyline. It is part of a hallucination triggered by the hallucinogen Citra gives to Jason. The Ink Monster represents Hoyt and Vaas's tyranny over the Rook Islands. Jason's will have to overcome the giant to prove to Citra and the Rakyat that he is indeed their legendary Warrior.

The Awakening of the RakyatEdit

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The Awakening

“Once, long ago. There was a lotus pond filled with clean water. The bank composed of smooth sand and the smell of blossoms moved the air. But a giant lived beneath the pond's surface, devouring any who came to its edge. A warrior, from the northern kingdoms, heard of the giant and vowed to slay him. He painted tatau on his body and took power from the land of the dead. When he was ready, he walked the path to the lotus pond. And the giant rose from still waters, the Warrior raised his dagger. He cut the giant's head clean off its body. The skull of the giant fell to Earth and became our island... The descendants of the Warrior became the Rakyat, our people.”
Citra, explaining the Temple drawings to Jason Brody


This fight is fairly simple, even on the 'Warrior' difficulty, but it can prove to be challenging if the player cannot read the Ink Monster's tactics quickly. All arrows must be fired at the mask of the monster. Any other body part will not do any damage.

The Giant has two main attacks and one indirect attack; The first main attack is when the Ink Monster leans towards Jason's location and exhales a massive blue/purple flame-column from its mouth. Just as the Ink Monster leans inwards you can hit him in the face with an explosive arrow (if quick enough) or quickly run to the side and then hit him with the arrow.

Once the beast's health (his mask is his health bar) is down a bit, he will vanish and start using his indirect attack by sending Ink Minions to attack you from behind. Dispatch them quickly using your melee or normal/explosive arrows. They can drain your health quickly if they are not dealt with immediately.

Finally, when the Giant comes back, he will use his last main attack; palm-blasts, which send three massive shockwaves in Jason's immediate direction. To avoid these devastating attacks, run directly away from where you were last standing when the Ink Monster starts throwing them. (Do not try to stop and run back or to the side, forward is the best way to dodge the blasts completely.) You can also try shooting his projectiles with explosive arrows.

Once you have downed the Ink Monster, you must finish it off. Run up its outstretched arm and follow the quick-time event to  repeatedly jam your knife into its vulnerable eye and slay the giant.


  • There is a crudely crafted 'Ink Monster' doll hanging in the safe house in Amanaki town, just above the bed Jason Brody wakes up in after being saved by Dennis Rogers.
  • Citra can be heard groaning and grunting as the player fights against the Ink Monster.
  • The masked minons are called "Jason Beheader Minions" in the map editor when selecting a Hostile AI to spawn.
  • In the final misson, Hard Choices, Liza is seen as a minion, taunting, threatening, and attempting to deter Jason from completing the Path in the final hallucination.
  • The mask of the monster, and tattoos heavily resemble New Zealand Maori tiki and tattoo markings.