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Colonel Ike Sloan

"They say that when Colonel Ike Sloan was born, he crawled out of the womb with a knife between his gums. He was the ultimate soldier in his day and the uber-commando template for all Omega Force cyber-soldiers, right down to their combat subroutines which were based on his experience and expertise."
— Data Console

Colonel Ike Sloan is the main antagonist and leader of Omega Force in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.


The former commander of Sergeant Rex Power Colt and Lieutenant T.T. "Spider" Brown, Col. Ike Sloan is a Mark V Cyber-Commando and leader of the cyborg army known only as Omega Force.

After consuming dragon blood, Col. Sloan's already advanced Mark V cybernetics became "supercharged." Using the research of Dr. Elizabeth Veronica Darling and Dr. Carlyle, Col. Sloan weaponized dragon blood into an aerosolized agent that could “make slaves or monsters of men”.

Through an undefined plot, Col. Sloan intends to use this weapon "to redress the balance" in response to peace negotiations between the United States and Russia (referred to as "the Red Menace,") after the nuking of Canada and the invasion of Australia; which were the subsequent results of Vietnam War II.

Before their capture, Sgt. Colt and Lt. Brown had thwarted Sloan's first attempt to launch a Red Spear missile armed with the deadly agent. Refusing to become an accomplice to Col. Sloan's plan, Lt. Brown was executed before his best friend in Sgt. Rex "Power" Colt, setting into motion the events in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. At the end of the game, he is killed by Sgt. Colt.


Mark IV and V cyborgs have Sloan's combat skills and techniques embedded into their programming.


  • Voiced by Danny Blanco Hall.
  • Bears a resemblance to Bennett, a character in the 1985 action-adventure film Commando.