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"Vaya con dios, little buddy."
— Hurk to his monkey Coco

bHurk is a non-playable character in Far Cry 3. He is American, but according to Huntley he "doesn't even know the words to The Star Spangled Banner".

He only appears in the game through the exclusive content Monkey Business in which Jason helps Hurk through four missions.

Hurk is first found trying to use a monkey strapped with explosives to blow something up attempting to justify his actions stating that the Navy did the same to dolphins and Russians did it with dogs in World War II. He detonates the bomb, yet the monkey survives because it took the vest off. Hurk then asks Jason to collect some diamonds from hostile pirates. Once in the temple, it is possible to recover Bubble III and Snowflake II, the two monkeys previously sent before Coco.

Hurk seems quite interested in the Rakyat, stating that he wants to get inked up and that he thinks Citra is a "MILF" (Malaysian i'd like to fuck).


Hurk talking to Jason after escaping from Hoyt's soldiers

Letters of the LostEdit

Hurk is also the author of four Letters of the Lost, his being the only ones not written by Japanese soldiers stationed on the island during World War II. In the first letter, he states that he had run out of paper, and so took a dead Japanese soldier's letter and wrote his own message over the now-faded original text. He apparently then left his messages with the bodies of their former authors, to be discovered by passers-by at a later date.

In all four letters, he talks about a runaway monkey by the name of Gilbert who likes to "blow shit up with grenades now that I taught him how to pull the pin". Gilbert runs away with a pack of monkeys and apparently attempts to teach his fellow primates how to use grenades themselves. In his third letter, Hurk talks about his ex-girlfriend Lacy Barnstrom and how she is currently a porn star.

Far Cry 4Edit

"An American buffoon whose fetish for the elephants has led him to enter our lands illegally. This barbarian has sided with the cursed Golden Path and should be considered armed and dangerously stupid."
— King Min's Kyrat

Hurk as he appears in Far Cry 4 with the Impaler harpoon gun

Hurk returns in Far Cry 4's DLC Hurk's Redemption. The DLC features three action-packed single player missions, along with a harpoon gun. Hurk can also be played as in Far Cry 4's new Co-Op mode, "Guns For Hire".

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