Hope County is a fictional county in the state of Montana, United States, and is the main setting of Far Cry 5.[1] The county has been slowly taken over by the Project at Eden's Gate doomsday cult over the years, first with legal practices and financial means, and then, with the arrival of the Junior Deputy, with violence and bloodshed.

Geography Edit

The county consists of three main regions:

  • Holland Valley is the farming region of Hope County. It is mostly a flatland area, consisting of farms and arable land, thus being the "pantry" of the county. During the years leading up to the events of Far Cry 5, John Seed took great efforts to claim the lands of the region for the cult by legal means. After the violent takeover of the cult, the region completely falls under John's control, who plans to reap whatever he can from the locals to the cult. Holland Valley houses the county's largest settlement, Fall's End .
  • Henbane River is the main recreational region of Hope County, its area dominated by swamps and the eponymous river. Its landscape mostly consists of bungalows and hot springs. The region is controlled by Faith Seed , who is relying on field labor to produce drugs used to convert locals into fanatical fighters and docile workforce.
  • Whitetail Mountains is the mountainous region of the county, full of wildlife and secrets. The region is ruled by Jacob Seed , who is using the area as a training ground and staging area of the cult's armed forces. The region is also home to many preppers and survivalists though, who oppose the cult, the Whitetail Militia being the largest of them.

Trivia Edit

  • Hope County might be a reference to the county with the same name that appeared in Hitman: Absolution  during the mission "Operation Sledgehammer". However, that county is located in South Dakota, instead of Montana (though Montana and South Dakota do share a border).
  • While not based on any particular existing Montana county, Ubisoft took inspiration from several real-life locations when creating Hope County for Far Cry 5. The first promotional videos of the game were shot in and around Great Falls, Cascade County (that may also inspired the name of Fall's End). However, based on its low population density and geography (especially considering that its largest settlement, Fall's End, is just a small village), the in-game county itself seems to be inspired by the extremely low-population Montana counties without any large metropolitan area, like Petroleum County, Treasure County, or Golden Valley County.

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