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Homemade Machete
Homemade Machete
Damage High (extreme close-range only)
Price Unavailable at weapon shop.

The Home-made Machete is a machete variant featured in Far Cry 2.

It can only be unlocked if an account is registered with just like for its counterpart, the Primitive Machete. It only differs from the standard Machete in appearance, i.e. the skin is swapped.

Characteristics Edit

The Home-made Machete's blade is a rusty and defaulted piece of cast iron that has been welded onto a handle. Despite the cosmetic defects, it does the same damage as the normal machete.

Appearances Edit

The Home-made Machete appears only in Far Cry 2.


  • The home-made machete appears in the cover art of Far Cry 2.

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