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Hidden Armory
Ammo Pile
Mission information
Faction Buddies
Given by Flora Guillen
Reward Buddy history and reputation increase
Start Mike's Bar
End Mike's Bar
Other locations Cattle Xing
Previous Next
none Oh, What a Beautiful Sight

Hidden Armory is a buddy mission in Far Cry 2.

The mission is given to the player by Flora Guillen at Mike's Bar.


When you meet Flora at Mike's Bar, she will ask you to help her with a little problem. The APR has seized the home of her friend, and there is a large cache of weapons hidden in his house. She will ask you to go to the Cattle Xing and destroy the weapons before it gets in the APR's hands.

Objectives and Walkthrough Edit

All you need to do to complete the mission, is get to the Cattle Xing and destroy the ammo pile in the ranch house. Once the pile has been destroyed, meet Flora at Mike's and the mission will be completed.

Location Objective
Mike's Bar Receive the objective from Flora.
Cattle Xing Destroy the ammo pile inside the ranch house.
Mike's Bar Return to Flora.

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