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Heart of Darkness
Heart of Darkness 1
Region Bowa Seko
Heart Of Darkness map

Heart of Darkness is a location in Far Cry 2.

It is located in the south-eastern sector of the Bowa Seko district.

It is only accessible after you talk to the Jackal at the prison in Act III.

When the player enters the Heart of Darkness from the prison, he soon comes to a drop-off which he will not be able to get back up, where a warning message pops up saying, "The terrain is rough and there will be no return. Make sure you have all things you need." It is prudent to have purchased all the weapons cases and stored brand new weapons inside them before proceeding, as your weapon will get jammed at times. The stored weapons can be accessed from the safe houses in this area. Moreover, it is also wise to have all ammo upgrades and syrette upgrades.

The player has to fight many enemies in this area and then proceed to the landing zone to collect the diamonds.


The Heart of Darkness is based on a book by Joseph Conrad with the same name.

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