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"This is not a drug for adults, you know? It is designed exclusively for children. What kind of animals would create such a thing?"
— Michele Dachss
Mission information
Faction Buddies
Given by Michele Dachss
Reward Buddy history and reputation increase
Start Mike's Bar
End Mike's Bar
Other locations Airfield
Previous Next
Lost in the Graveyard None

Hazelnuts is a buddy mission in Far Cry 2.

The mission is issued by Michele Dachss, who informs the player that two drug dealers have entered the country with a product called Hazelnuts. The APR plans to utilise the drug to make a lot of money, presumably from selling it to children who would then likely develop addictions to it. Michele Dachss and, by the journal's phrasing, the player's character are disgusted by this venture and attempt to stop it.

The mission itself entails killing the two dealers. "Scumbag One" as the dealer is known as, it in a house by the river, due south of Mike's Bar. "Scumbag Two" is in a hangar at the airstrip. Both are lightly guarded, but are indoors, so killing them from afar using a sniper rifle may prove impractical, but explosive weapons, such as a crossbow, are a perfectly viable alternative. Killing Scumbag One at close range should be timed carefully on the harder difficulties as his house is on a road, which could lead to troublesome passers-by getting involved if they and the player are there at the same time.

Scumbag Two should be somewhat easier as the airstrip has a sniper tower and a lot of vegetation in the area. It should not prove difficult to sneak up the sniper tower, kill the sniper then use his weapon to pick off, the guards, allowing the player to enter the hangar and kill the drug dealer unopposed. Should one prefer to avoid sniping, the expanse of dry grass allows for liberal use of stealth to enter the hangar, or fire to force the guards to or away from the player.

Once both dealers are dead, all that remains is to return to Mike's Bar and inform Michele.

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