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Harvest the Jungle
Mission information
Given by Dennis Rogers
Reward Medicine, Simple Loot Rucksack
Start Amanaki Village
End Amanaki Village
Previous Next
Down in Amanaki Town Secure the Outpost

Harvest the Jungle is the third mission of Far Cry 3.

After unscrambling the signal from the radio tower, Dennis Rogers tells Jason Brody to gather plants and animal skins from the wildlife to better prepare for his trials on Rook Island. Dennis points Jason to the Boar hunting grounds, south-east of Amanaki Village to gather materials for crafting.


Dennis tells Jason to embrace his natural instincts to better cope with the trials of the island. He points Jason to the hunting ground south-east of Amanaki Village, to gather plants and animal hides for crafting medical syringes and equipment.

Jason must collect various materials in the hunting ground before returning back to Dennis. Jason must collect one Red Leaf, two Green Leaves, one Blue Leaf, and two boar skins. The green and red leaves are found in the hunting ground, while the blue leaves can be found just east of the hunting ground in the river. The boars are found wandering throughout the hunting ground.

Upon returning to Dennis, he will instruct Jason to craft two Medicine syringes for healing and a Simple Loot Rucksack, which allows for carrying more loot items. Afterwards, Jason will gain two skill points to spend. Dennis will teach him Takedown, and the player can choose where to allot the other point.


  • Reach the hunting ground
  • Kill and skin 2 boars, then collect the 3 types of plants in the hunting ground
  • Fast travel to Amanaki and meet with Dennis
  • Talk to Dennis
  • Use the menu to craft some syringes
  • Craft Medicine
  • Craft a Simple Loot Rucksack
  • Get in the truck

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