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Hakim Echebbi
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Dossier info
Age 38
Place of Birth Constantine, Algeria
Nationality Algerian
Height 5’9”
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Weight 190lbs
Experience Lt Cdr, Navy (retired), maritime counterinsurgency; Real estate broker; UAE; Marine freight security consultant

“Guy's a neat freak. Looks like he's had lots of military training. Heard he's a millionaire.
Knows good irregular warfare tactics. Bit of an activist in his youth. Probably learned it all back then.
Survived an assassination attempt that killed his sister and brother-in-law. That's sure to harden a man.”

Journal Description

Hakim Echebbi was born in Algeria. He was an Algerian Navy officer, where he reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander and became head of maritime counterinsurgency. Later he became a real estate broker in the United Arab Emirates. He also worked as a Marine freight security consultant. Once he mentions that he has a wife.


Hakim can be chosen as the player character in Far Cry 2. If he is not chosen, he will appear as a buddy to the player character.


During the progress of the game, Hakim may ask you to do a couple of favours for him:


  • Hakim wields a SPAS-12 shotgun in combat.

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