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Agile, fierce, and persistent.. Guard Dogs will not stop until they catch their target... or a bullet.

Guard Dogs are animals that can be found in Far Cry 3. They are one of the few creatures that cannot be found in the wild, observed only with Pirates in outposts or story missions.

Guard Dogs can be seen at the very beginning of the game, when Grant and Jason are trying to escape Vaas's slave camp. At this point in the game, the player cannot interact with them, trying to run away while the dogs are barking to reveal the prisoners' presence to their masters.

Later in the game, the Guard Dogs are found in a few outposts, playing the role of a living alarm. They are often seen scouting around the outpost, looking for the player. If Jason is seen, the beast will attack, making his masters aware of Jason's presence. A good strategy to take out an outpost without being seen is to kill the dog first, with a silenced weapon or running at it and hitting it with a machete swing.

Throwing rocks works great on dogs but as they are able to find you quite easily, be sure to take them down quickly. A few outposts are guarded by several dogs: In such a case, try to take down the pirates/privateers first and then eliminate the dog pack with a well thrown grenade.

Like a lot of other animals, they can be skinned and their hides can be used in crafting.


  • The Guard Dogs are the only animals that can be killed and skinned but which do not have any handbook entry.
  • Like other dogs on the island, Guard Dogs seems to be rabid, if you believe the description of the fur you get by skinning them.
  • Despite being quite weak, Guard Dogs will attack large animals such as bears or tigers if they get into the outposts.
  • In a few story missions, if the enemies do not manage to find Jason, they will send Guard Dogs to

pursue him.

  • During Co-Op, Guard Dogs are slightly different from the ones seen in the campaign. When attacking, the player must complete a Quick-Time Event (button pressing) otherwise you are pinned to the ground until another player saves you or until you die.

They have a pit bull-like appearance. They may also be Panja mastiffs


Panja mastiff


Dog in a camp

Far cry 3 pitbull by nniy-d8s8jkg

Bein Cute

Hecking Suprised

Hecking Suprised

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