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Grow Op
Water pump
Mission information
Faction UFLL
Given by Leon Gakumba and Hector Voorhees
Start Pala
End Occidental Growers Company
Other locations Airfield
Previous Next
Oeduard Rex Fool's Errand/any APR mission you haven't completed

Grow Op is a primary mission during Act I in Far Cry 2. The mission is given to the player by Leon Gakumba and Hector Voorhees, in Pala.


Go to the UFLL HQ in Pala to get the briefing from Gakumba and his associate, Hector Voorhees. UFLL wants you to sabotage a farm operated by the Occidental Growers Company. The company has a security arrangement with the APR, in exchange for protection, OGC supplies the APR with fresh produce and pesticides. The UFLL wants you to destroy the irrigation pump at the farm’s greenhouse.

Objectives and walkthrough Edit

Main Objective Edit

Your target is an irrigation pump located at Occidental Growers Company in the eastern region. At the OCG, you will encounter some militia on the ground and two snipers on wooden towers. You will find the irrigation pump in the corner of one of the green houses, destroy it and the mission will be completed.

Location Objective
Pala Receive your objective.
Occidental Growers Company Destroy the greenhouse irrigation system.

Subverted Mission Edit


Defoliant tank

After defoliant

OGC after using the defoliant

After the briefing from Gakumba, you will receive a call from your best buddy. The buddy will ask you to meet him in the safehouse to the east of Claes Products. Once there, he will ask you to get a tank of defoliant from the nearby Claes Products and bring it to the Airfield.

After you've delivered the tank to your buddy, you can proceed with your original objective and destroy the irrigation pump at the OGC. After the pump is destroyed, your buddy will fly overhead spraying the defoliant over the plantation. Once his plane disappears over the mountains, you will get a call from him saying that he's been shot down and asking you to come and help him out. Now, you'll need to head to the south of the OCG, where you'll find a wrecked plane and your buddy, fighting the militia. Help him kill all the troops to complete the mission.

Location Objective
Safehouse east of Claes Products Meet your buddy at the safehouse.
Claes Products Get the defoliant...
Airfield ...and deliver it to my buddy.
OGC Time to destroy the greenhouse irrigation system.
South of OGC Head for the crash site and help my buddy before it’s too late.

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