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Grace Armstrong is a Guns for Hire character in Far Cry 5.

Her weapon of choice is an AR-CL rifle with a collapsible buttstock, long-range scope, M-LOK handguard, Magpul PMags, and a compensator, which she uses to snipe targets from mid to long range.

To help distinguish her laser aim from enemy sniper fire, her beam is green.

She always kills human enemies in one shot, but her firing rate is pretty slow. In addition, her rifle is not silenced, meaning that after the first shot, enemies will know where she is. To compensate, her Fear ability may sometimes send enemies fleeing away from herself, running aimlessly for a few seconds.


Grace is normally reserved, but reliable in a pinch. Unlike Boomer or Nick, she prefers to keep her distance in a fight, providing sniper support from elevated positions. Nevertheless, she is a staunch ally of the Junior Deputy, and will assist them in the fight against Eden's Gate without hesitation. She is also a former U.S. Army sniper, according to her profile trailer on the official Far Cry 5 website.

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  • According to an interaction between Grace and Hurk, Grace has won an Olympic medal. (“Hey, Miss Armstrong, is it true that you won an Olympic medal?” “Yeah, why?”)
  • Grace won a Bronze Medal in the Olympics and can be heard to comment on this when visiting Fall's End with her as a companion.
  • According to Sharky, Hurk has a crush on Grace.
  • In school Sharky barfed on Grace. This can be found out in their chats when they are hired together.
  • When at Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm, Grace will comment that she used to practice shooting there when she was training for the Summer Games.
  • Grace states she lost her best friend during basic training.
  • Arriving at MCA Mobile Lab, Grace will remark on Dr. Perkins saying, “I’ve heard of this girl. Real brave of her staying out here on her own.
  • Like the other Guns for Hire, when not on duty, she can be found at the 8-Bit Pizza Bar in the Henbane River region.
  • After Update 1.05, Grace along with Mary May Fairgrave, is available as Special Outfits for the deputy.
  • According to a note from Grace's late father that can be found in the Foxhole Prepper Stash, it is heavily implied that he took his own life, presumably from the trauma of his experiences in the War on Terror ("We've turned Afghanistan into a place people can't come back from" and "Guess I'm not as brave a soldier as I thought").
  • When arriving at Parker Laboratories, Grace may comment, “This place always gives me the creeps. I’ve seen weird things happen here.”


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