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Wildlife: Golden Tiger

"Few animals are more rare, or more dangerous, than a golden Sumatran tiger. The hide of this creature will sell faster than the Russian government."
— Survival Guide

The Golden Tiger is a unique animal which can only found in a particular Path of the Hunter quest. 

The Golden Tiger is a differently colored version of the Sumatran tiger (not be confused with the White tiger). The quest requires the player to follow the Rakyat tradition and kill the tiger with just a bow and arrow.

Its hide, the Golden Tiger Leather can be used in Crafting to create an Extended Ammo Pouch.

How to kill itEdit

  • The Hunter's Instinct syringe can be used to find the tiger quickly once you reach the mission area.
  • One approach is to rush it while Deadly Hunter is in effect. This will make quick work of the tiger, but is risky - if you miss a shot the tiger may kill you first.
  • Another approach could  be the use of Animal Repellant combined with the previous use of Hunter's Instinct, thus the tiger will not harm you in any way, giving you time to finish the work with your knife, your bow or a combination of both, of course speed is of the essence, so do not waste time.  
  • Alternatively, get the tiger chasing you and run to the hut on the way to the mission. Jump on the stack of boxes, then onto the roof.  On the peak by the door the tiger cannot reach you and so will pace in and out letting you take pot shots till he is dead (also this lets you take out the second tiger for an easy tiger pelt...).


  • Despite its name, the Golden Tiger is not actually gold colored. It has a slightly more light orange color, and the stripes are not black, but more grey-orange like, which makes them very hard to spot.
  • Golden Tigers exist in real life, but are very rare and only found in captivity, the result of a rare mutation. They are sometimes mistaken with Chinese tigers, which are a totally different species.
  • Another name for the real-life Golden Tiger is Golden Tabby Tiger.


Far Cry 3 - Path of The Hunter Gameplay - Golden Tiger06:17

Far Cry 3 - Path of The Hunter Gameplay - Golden Tiger


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