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Golden path
"Treacherous sons and daughters of Kyrat who call themselves proud citizens even as they take up arms against King and force their fellow citizens to join their pathetic rebellion.They are terrorist and enemies of the Crown."
— King Min's Kyrat

The Golden Path is a rebel faction that appears in Far Cry 4. Founded by Mohan Ghale, they rebel against Pagan Min and The Royal Army's rule of Kyrat and try to liberate their country. Their base is in Banapur, a region of south-western Kyrat. If the player tries to kill one of the Golden Path members they will try to kill the player. They mostly own the Terai area and Southern Kyrat until the player completes A Key to the North. They can also be seen walking around in a group of three to five members in various areas of Kyrat. They can also be seen frequently fighting animals and Royal Army soldiers. They never try to liberate outposts or fortresses. They can also be seen driving in their army trucks often with four or three members depending on which type of truck they are driving in.

The generic Golden Path soldiers are playable in the Battles of Kyrat multiplayer mode, where they fight against a hunter-like faction working for Pagan Min called the Rakshasa.

The leader of the Golden Path depends on player's decisions between Sabal or Amita.


After Pagan Min seized power at the end of the Kyrati Civil War, the remaining Royalists who managed to escape the purge went on to form the group. They now fight against the superior Royal Army in hopes of liberating their country.


The modern Golden Path members don a light-blue uniform marked with a yellow Golden Path logo on the back, combat boots, and a yellow bandanna or armband. The uniform is the same for both males or females. Snipers will wear a yellow camo hat, while Defenders will wear a vest.

In the Battles of Kyrat multiplayer mode, they wear a slightly different uniform, with a gray vest, and white shirt. There is no female version of this outfit, as female soldiers are not playable in this game mode (likely due to the fact that the battles against the Rakshasa took place before Amita joined the Golden Path).

There are assaulters, defenders, rocket soldiers, and snipers, all with similar uniforms.

Known MembersEdit


  • The name "Golden Path" may have been inspired by the mountainous Peruvian rebel group known as the Shining Path.[1]
  • The name might have also been inspired by "the one true Golden Path pressed upon mankind by the God-Emperor Leto II" in Frank Herbert's sci-fi novel "Dune".
  • In map editor they never seem to die no matter how much damage they go through.
  • All male Assaulters Troops have either all have a beard or are shaved with no beard. All the female Assaulters, Rocket Launcher, and Sniper units share the same type of appearances.
  • All rocket launcher units are females, and all of the sniper units are male. Assaulters and Defenders can be either gender.
  • Some assault rifle-wielding units will wear vests, though it is currently unknown if these are actual defenders, or just re-skinned assaulter units (likely the former, as the maximum tier of guns-for-hire mercenaries appear to be wearing a these flak vests, something which the other two tiers lack).


  • "Hey Ajay. Miss me?"
  • "How are you doing Ajay."
  • "I'm gonna tear your heart out!"
  • Death to Pagan Min! (Victorious)
  • I shouldn't have joined the Golden Path... It's tearing my family apart.
  • If I die, I'm taking some of them with me.
  • My life for my country.
  • Namaste, Ajay.
  • Rain would be more than welcome right now... some rain would help.
  • The sun feels warm on my face.
  • There's a bit of a breeze.
  • The mountains change every day.
  • This... This is what I train for.
  • My husband was in the Golden Path. He died.
  • I've been fighting for months, but i'm still afraid.
  • I really need some new equipment.
  • In times like these, even a piece of chocolate is a delicacy.
  • Stop distracting me.
  • How can I tell my family what I've seen and done?
  • I had to kill people I know and love, that blood is on Pagan's hands.
  • Heey! Watch it! (If you fire your gun near them)
  • Don't let them hear you breathe / see you bleed. (When Army is in vicinity, but not in combat)
  • Scream so I know what you sound like in hell! (In combat with Royal Army)
  • Pagan's reign is over! (After fighting some army members)
  • Fire! Fire! (If fire is in vicinity)
  • Hey. You. Come here a second. (Payment after helping in a Karma Event)
  • You traitor! I trusted you! (If you attack them)
  • Enemy located! (If they see an enemy)
  • You saved my life, Bless you (After Karma event)
  • Eagle! Eagle! look out for your heads (when an eagle is coming)
  • Have you lost your mind? (If you shot near them)
  • Moving Out! (When an enemy is spotted)
  • Hey,Hey back off! (When you throw a rock at a Golden Path Rebel
  • HUH? (When You throw a rock at a Golden Path Rebel)
  • Watch out, Watch out! (Explosion, gun fire, or when enemy is close)
  • Enemy Spotted!
  • Huvare! (When in combat with army members)
  • When will you stop asshole? (when you throw a rock at a rebel)
  • No, don't do it! (if you shoot close to a rebel
  • Watch out, honey badger!
  • Yah Hoo! (when a male rebel shoots up in the air after victory)
  • Who's side are you on! (when you throw a rock at a rebel)
  • Hey we are on the same side (when you throw a rock at a rebel)
  • Stop it! (when you throw a rock at a rebel)
  • Stop it, it's not funny (when you throw a rock at a female rebel)
  • Hey, why would you do that? ( when you shoot close to a rebel or throw a rock at a rebel)
  • Watch out, crazy dholes!
  • I'm going for the mortor, I'm going for the mortor!
  • I'm going for the heavy machine gun!
  • Kill them all!
  • Don't stop keep firing!
  • Eagle! Eagle! Watch for the talons!
  • Rhino, watch for the horns!
  • Don't ever do that again! (When you throw a rock at a female rebel)
  • Hey, stop it! It's not funny! (When you throw a rock at a female rebel)
  • It's over, it's finally over!
  • What the hell?
  • They may be rabid! (reacting to dholes)
  • Shoot those strays! (reaction to dholes)
  • Leopard on the loose! (when attacked by a clouded or snow leopard)
  • You can take it. (After you commandeer their car)



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