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Golden AK-47
Gold ak
Damage Medium
Magazine Size 30
Maximum Ammunition 90
Price Not available at weapon shop.
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Golden AK-47s are AK-47 assault rifle variants in Far Cry 2.

Characteristics Edit

Golden AK-47s are AK-47 variants which are even more reliable. They are just like the regular AK-47, but these have a golden coating, have their stock cut off, and are even less prone to corrosion. It can fire around 3,000 rounds before it breaks.

Tip: There is a trick to "renew" the Golden AK-47. Go to your local weapon shop and buy the normal AK-47 (if you do not already have it). Then change your golden one for a normal AK-47. Switch back to your golden version and it should be as good as new!

Locations Edit

In total there are eight Golden AK-47s. Four are in the Northern District of the game-world (Leboa-Sako), the other four are in the south (Bowa Seko). It is wise to put one in a weapon crate.

Leboa-Sako Edit

  • The first Golden AK-47 can be found south-west from Cattle Xing and east of North Railyard.
  • The second is located south of the lake by Scrap Salvage, just barely south-west of the green-spot on the map between the two enemy patrol points. You will see that there is a weapon shop far south-west of the Golden AK-47's location if you are in the right area. Or you can just follow the mountains until you're due south of the crashed plane, once you're there it's impossible to miss.
  • The third Golden AK-47 is at the weapon shop north of Oasis, to the east of that weapon shop right at the end of the road to the east of the rock that is between the road and the weapon shop.
  • And the final Golden AK-47 in Leboa-Sako is north-west of Oasis, near the enemy patrol point.

Bowa Seko Edit

  • The first one is between Dogon Village and Mosate Selao right where the river splits into two.
  • The second one is just east of TaeMoCo Mine, on the road west of the two mountainous strips on the map.
  • The third one in Bowa Seko is north of the Rail Xing, across from the enemy patrol point of the river.
  • And the last Golden AK-47 is just a little down the river of the Heart of Darkness.

Appearances Edit

Golden AK-47s only appear in Far Cry 2.


  • Although there are no stocks present for the Golden AK-47s scattered around the game, there is little recoil.

Locations Edit


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