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Goka Falls
Goka Falls 1
Region Leboa-Sako
Goka Falls

Goka Falls is a location in Far Cry 2.

It is located in the northeastern sector of the Leboa-Sako District.

Depending on your choices of who you sided with the most the APR or the UFLL in Act I. If you sided with the APR the most, you assassinate the captain of the UFLL (Leon Gakumba), or you assassinate the captain of the APR (Prosper Kouassi) if you sided with the UFLL the most. You are sent to this location to kill one of the captains, you can sneak in and use silenced weapons to get in at night through the back entrance, or go guns blazing straight through the front. No matter how you go about it you must go inside the shack in the middle of Goka Falls where you confront one of the captains where he will try to justify his actions, and warn you that the other faction is making a large move on everyone to take the Leboa-Sako district. Once you have killed him his warnings were apparently factual as you get ambushed by the faction you sided with and must escape. Once you escape you are called by Reuben Oluwagembi who asks you to meet him at the lumber yard to discuss current events.

There is a hang glider upstream which can assist the player in escaping once the captain of either the UFLL or APR has been killed. It is also the only way to get the diamond briefcase near the boathouse at the foot of the falls.

Trivia Edit

  • In Far Cry 4, there is a mention of this location. After completing the first mission of Longinus and returning the diamonds, Longinus tells he was baptized in the waters of Goka Falls.
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