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Wildlife: Goat.

"Goats have been on Rook Island for as long as people can remember and are used for food, clothing, and more. Islanders consider goat theft a serious offense and shun anyone who commits this crime. Goat loving, however, is condoned as long as you hoof it after. Get it? Hoof it? Come on, can't an old man have a little fun with animals?"
— Survival Guide

Goats are animals found on the Rook Islands. Their skin can be used in crafting items. Be wary when hunting them, as Komodo Dragons and Leopards often lurk nearby. Goat corpses can be used to lure Komodo Dragons. 

Surprisingly, these creatures are quite fast, and will flee when aware of danger.

Like for most animals on the island, several different colour schemes exist; the most common being the ones with white fur and dark fur.


  • Frequently found near the first radio tower that Dennis asks you to activate.
  • Near Dr. Earnhardt's home in the north-west section of the map, where the player must take care to avoid the proximity of the leopard hunting grounds.

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