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Wildlife: Galapagos Tortoise

"The Galapagos Tortoise is one of the largest species of tortoise in the world, basically a big, semi-stationary, stumpy creature. You know, like those kids who get their brains sucked out by the boob-tube. You don't know anyone like that, do you?"
— Survival Guide

The Galapagos tortoise is found in Far Cry 3. It is a very slow, but a well protected herbivore, and an uncommon animal to run into because it has no specific place on the map, thus making it somewhat of a "rare" (not to say random) find. The tortoise acts very passive, it never attacks the player even when provoked. When scared, it will immediately hide itself in its shell from lurking predators. It is common to find them in small groups of two or three animals in well camouflaged areas. The tortoise will not come out from hiding, until the animal/human near it eventually leaves. After a while it will pop back out and continue on its original path.

Galapagos tortoises are difficult to find because there is no marked hunting location for them. The most common place you can find a Tortoise is at Cassowary and Komodo Dragon hunting locations.

Possible locationsEdit

  • X:381.6, Y:740.5, on the island, possibility of several groups.
  • X:458.7 Y:738.4, on top of a hill.
  • X:493.8, Y;658, near the intersection.


  • Some can be mistaken for rocks, as their shell has a dark color.
  • It is not explained how these animals, endemic to the Galapagos Islands, came to the Rook Islands. Possibly, this name was mistakenly used for another species of giant tortoises found in south-east Asia.
  • When killed, the player may skin it getting a shell that cannot be used to craft anything, but can be sold at any store for approx: 13–18 dollars.
  • The shell is indestructible, but if you knife just at the hole where the head pops out, you can melee it and kill it after several hits. It may also be killed using explosives, shotguns or grenade launchers. Most guns are not effective against their hard shells.


Far Cry 3 Rare Animal Hunting 4 The Galapagos Tortoise01:06

Far Cry 3 Rare Animal Hunting 4 The Galapagos Tortoise

Showing in-game footage of the Tortoise's behaviour

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