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GLA87 Shop
Category Launcher
Ammunition Grenade Launcher Rounds
Magazine size 8
Attachment slots 0
Supported attachments No

“A Chinese-made, automatic grenade launcher. The power of an artillery strike in a handheld package.”
GL-A87 description

The GL-A87 is a grenade launcher that appears in Far Cry 4. The weapon appears to be based on the Chinese Type 87 automatic grenade launcher.

It appears in Northern Kyrat as a rare fixed and vehicle-mounted weapon, as well as becoming available as a handheld option upon completion of Truth & Justice.

It is a good weapon if the player values firepower over subtlety, but otherwise is very much a 2nd choice weapon for most scenarios. It is often ignored for the M-79, as it is used as a sidearm, and two grenade launchers is a loadout that likely isn't necessary. However, the GL-A87 is somewhat better for use against vehicles and helicopters because of its ability to fire automatically. It is especially good for taking out clusters of vehicles, and can wreak havoc on Pagan's Wrath convoys.


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