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Fresh Fish
Region Leboa-Sako
Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish is a location in Far Cry 2.

It is located in the north-east part of the central sector in the Leboa-Sako district. Like many other locations in Far Cry 2, it is is named after a function rather than a person, geographical status, or other traditional name. (other examples being Cock-Fights and Private Property)

Role in the GameEdit

  • This is one of the locations that you may wake up in after the shoot-out in Pala. When you wake up, Joaquin Carbonell will be there to chew you out.
  • If you wake up in another location, you'll find a buddy here. He/she is located in a room inside the house resembling an underground safe house.


  • An Assault Truck, a Car, and two (2) Swamp Boats are usually available at this location. Note, the vehicles will not spawn if you return in one previously obtained from here. (Tested)
  • This starting location is the only one with four (4) vehicles and access to a water system.
  • The Special Weapon for this location is the RPG-7, if this is the starting point for the player after the shoot out in Pala. (Tested on Steam version with Fortunes Pack DLC.)
  • Upon leaving Pala during the fire fight, the player can make Fresh Fish their starting location very easily. However they must be en route to Fresh Fish and be out of the main area of Pala prior to passing out. (Tested)
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