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Free Willis is a story mission in Far Cry 4 where the Ajay must head to the Kyrat Int. Airport (just NE of Noore's fortress) to help Willis Huntley oversee a deal with Pagan Min's men, and later escape.  In this mission, the player is given a new sniper rifle to cover Willis, the Z93, a powerful .50 cal bolt action long-range rifle.  The Airport is not very big and there are 3 alarms which should appear on the mini-map that the player can disable to prevent reinforcements from coming.

Trivia Edit

  • The Mission Name is most likely a reference to the movie Free Willy, which is about a boy who saves a whale from captivity.
  • In this mission, Kyrat Intl. Airport is more active than normal. 

References Edit

  1. Free Willis

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