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The Fortunes Pack DLC adds three exclusive weapons, two vehicles and an additional four new Multiplayer Maps.



Silenced & Craftsman Shotgun and Crossbow

  • Silenced Shotgun — Silent and deadly at short range, good for stealth missions.
  • Craftsman Shotgun — Devastating fire power at short range, good side-arm to back you up.
  • Crossbow — Explosive bolts fired with a silent and accurate shot.


Far-cry-2-fortunes-pack vehicles

Utility Truck and ATV

  • ATV — All Terrain Vehicle, gets you across difficult terrain quickly with high maneuverability.
  • Utility Truck — A big, fast and maneuverable truck equipped with a .50cal Browning, it's best for heavy vehicular fights.

Multiplayer Maps

  • Cheap Labour
  • Last Resort
  • Lake Smear
  • Fort Fury

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