Fortresses in Far Cry Primal, acts like in Far Cry 4, as bigger and heavier guarded outpost. Like the Outposts the Fortresses has Warners from Udam and Izila, warning the other troopers if an enemy is entering the fortress. After liberating a fortress, the fortress leader from Udam and Izila will be brought back to the Wenja Village, and the player will gain XP and village citizens.

Tips Edit

  • Like with the outposts, the Owl will be able to spot the warning horns.
  • Fortress in the Izila region, looks more like a village.
  • If the Warner's are killed, the regular troopers will sound the horn.
  • It is no possible to make stealth liberation, as you cant preform takedowns the leaders.
  • You can recognize the fortresses from distant, by the drumming sounds and smoke clouds.

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