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The Flare Gun is featured in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 3 Edit

Flare Gun

(FC3) Flare Gun Icon

FC3 cutout handgun flaregun
Category Special
Price $500
Ammunition Flare Gun Rounds
Magazine size 1
Maximum ammo 15
Attachment slots None
Supported attachments None
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"Flare guns can be used to set things on fire from a distance, take out enemy personnel, or to create distractions. Just remember that they are single-shot weapons."
— in-game handbook
"This is a flare gun, sometimes called a “signal pistol”. But the last thing you would use a flare gun for is signalling for help. Why would you want to attract attention to yourself? Flare guns can be used to save your life though, such as when you shoot someone in the face or groin. Remember, in a fight between a flare gun and someone’s groin, the flare gun wins."
— Survival Guide

The Flare Gun is a single-shot special pistol in Far Cry 3.

This weapon will become free after deactivating 7 Radio Towers.

The Flare Gun can be used for distractions and for voluntary and sometimes involuntary destruction. Even better for distractions than throwing a rock, firing the Flare Gun can give the player an opportunity to move up close for Takedowns when the enemy is distracted. The Flare Gun will come in handy, should the player prefer a stealthy approach. It can be used offensively since firing the Flare Gun at a surface or person will result in a small explosion, igniting anything within its radius. It is also able to kill certain animals, like Tigers and Asian Black Bears, in one shot. It can also down Pirate Heavy Gunners, Privateer Heavy Gunners, and Privateer Heavy Flamers in a single shot.


Far Cry 4 Edit

Flare Gun
FlareGun shop
Category Special
Magazine size 1
Attachment slots 0
Supported attachments No

The Flare Gun makes a return in Far Cry 4, along with almost all of the weapons in Far Cry 3. However, it is immensely less powerful as a dedicated weapon, only able to kill small animals in 1 shot and large animals in 2-3, far too long to fend off a predator attack unless intentionally shot towards the ground.

In addition to lowered damage output, it also makes a poor stealth weapon as it makes a noise when shot, unlike other ranged weaponry, barring rocket-launchers and mortar.


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  • There is another type of Flare Gun called the Type 10 which shoots shotgun shells instead of a flare. It can only be unlocked in multiplayer.
  • The Flare Gun is capable of causing death, but it takes time since the flare has to make contact with the enemy in order to set them ablaze.
    • It is not a good choice in multiplayer since players can put out the fire easily.
  • It is based off the Orion Flare gun.
  • The Flare Gun is used by the Royal Army in the Himalayas almost like a mobile alarm.

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