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Far Cry 2 Edit

LPO-50 Flamethrower
FC2 flamer
Damage High + Damage over time
Magazine Size Not displayed
Maximum Ammunition 1 tank
Price 20 Diamond
Reliability upgrade 5 Diamond
Accuracy upgrade 5 Diamond
Ammunition upgrade 10 Diamond
The LPO-50 Flamethrower is a weapon in Far Cry 2. It becomes available after the third convoy mission in Act 1 or at the beginning of Act 2 and can be purchased for 20 diamonds. No enemies will ever wield this weapon. A poor-condition LPO-50 is part of the starting arsenal if the player character collapses in the Northwest or Southwest quarter of Pala at the end of the introductory fight sequence, which respectively start them at the Slaughter House with Anto Kankaras and the Cock-Fights area with Arturo Quiepo.


The LPO-50 is a Soviet-era flamethrower, designed in 1953 to replace the obsolete WW2-era ROKS 1 and 2 flamethrowers. While it was replaced in Soviet service by the RPO-A "Shmel" thermobaric rocket launcher in the late 80s, the LPO-50 remained in service in former Warsaw Pact armies until fairly recently.


The LPO-50 is essentially a terror weapon. It can burn vegetation with ease and will usually kill your enemies. Although it is not the best weapon to use if you are simply looking for a gun with good DPS, it is good for starting fires to panic and/or incapacitate your enemies, and also to hit enemies who may be otherwise difficult to hit such as those behind cover or in a vehicle. Its downfall is that it is only really effective up-close and when you are out in the open, it may not kill your enemies quickly enough. It has high reliability and will not rust during a long trip.

The flamethrower is an excellent urban close-quarters weapon, especially against grouped enemy, whom the player can simply hose down with fire en masse. In a town, the weapon can not start a brush fire, as it often does in vegetation, which can injure enemies or drive them from cover.

During sustained use, the flamethrower will use up fuel fairly quickly. It is thus recommended to use short bursts in order to conserve fuel; a quick tap of the trigger is usually enough to set the ground in front of the player on fire. If the player moves around and repeats this, they can quickly set a very large area on fire while using minimal fuel.

Trivia Edit

  • The LPO-50 in Far Cry 2 is different from the real-life LPO-50. The in-game version is more compact. Furthermore, the LPO-50 in the game fires a continuous stream of fire from a single tank mounted on the weapon itself, while the real LPO-50 has three tanks worn as a backpack, each of which is expended as a single 2-3 second burst when the trigger is pulled (hence the selector switch on the weapon's side).
  • The heat gauge on top of the weapon is not affected by the weapon's heat in any way. It actually tells you your remaining "fuel". You can refuel it with petrol tanks.
  • The accuracy upgrade for the weapon is essentially useless.

Multiplayer Edit

The Most Dangerous Close-Quarters weapon in the game, unlike shotguns the LPO-50 can burn foliage and even prevent players from healing due to the intense flames. Sadly it's rare to see a player to use this weapon since its main drawback is its poor range and the enemy has to be engulfed in flames for nearly 2-4 seconds in order to get a kill.

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Far Cry 3 Edit

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Flammenwerfer (by Willis)

(FC3) Flamethrower Icon

FC3 cutout rpg flamethrower
Category Special
Price $2400
Ammunition Flamethrower Fuel
Magazine size 100 (200 with extended gas-tanks)
Maximum ammo 500
Attachment slots 1
Supported attachments Large Fuel Tank

“The flamethrower is an incredibly destructive weapon that can lay waste to anything flammable. Use carefully to avoid getting burned.”
in-game handbook

“No one on Rook Island really knows how a batch of World War II-era flamethrowers from Russia arrived on their shores. Use 'em now, before they disappear into the mist.”
Survival Guide

The Flamethrower is also a weapon in Far Cry 3.

This weapon will become free after activating 5 Radio Towers.

It can also be unlocked by completing the mission "Kick the Hornet's Nest."

Tips and Uses Edit

Useful for Guerilla hit and run tactics; this weapon ignites enemies, sending them into a panic as they burn to death. Another useful application is to hunt animals. As the targeted animal starts to burn, it will die quickly because it cannot put out the fire. However, fire can spread quickly and as a result the Flamethrower must be used carefully to avoid damaging yourself or allies in the vicinity. The Flamethrower can be upgraded with an extended tank, doubling the capacity of the fuel tank, effectively doubling the amount of fire that can be applied to a situation. However, even with the high capacity tank, the Flamethrower still burns through fuel quickly, making the sling upgrades necessary for continued usage. It is used to burn the Pirates' marijuana farms in the campaign in order to bring Hoyt Volker to the North Island.


Far Cry 4 Edit

The Flamethrower returns once again in Far Cry 4. It looks and performs similar to the version from Far Cry 3.


Trivia Edit

  • This weapon seems, just like its Far Cry 2 counterpart, to be a modified version of the LPO-50 flamethrower with the fuel canister attached to the gun rather than carried in a backpack. Contrary to what Willis Huntley says when introducing the weapon however, the LPO-50 flamethrower was made in Russia and not Germany. He is most likely referring to the fact that the modern flamethrower was actually invented in Germany and was first used by the German military during WWI.
  • Unlike the flamethrower from Far Cry 2, the one in Far Cry 3 has a shorter barrel which can cause fires to be set prematurely if the player misses their target in multiplayer.
  • They will be carried by Privateer Heavy Flamers, and Royal Guard Heavy Flamers.

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