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Far Cry 2Edit

The LPO-50 is a Soviet-era flamethrower in Far Cry 2. In reality, it was designed in 1953 to replace the obsolete World War II-era ROKS series of flamethrowers. No enemies will ever wield this weapon.


A poor-condition LPO-50 is part of the starting arsenal if the player character collapses in the Northwest or Southwest quarter of Pala at the end of the introductory fight sequence, which start them at either the Slaughter House with Anto Kankaras or the Cock-Fights area with Arturo Quiepo, respectively.

The LPO-50 becomes available after completing the third Convoy Mission, and can be purchased for 20 Diamonds.


The LPO-50 is essentially an area-of-effect terror weapon. It can burn vegetation with ease and will usually kill your enemies. Although it is not the best weapon to use if you are simply looking for a weapon with high damage, the LPO is better served to start fires that will induce panic and/or incapacitate enemies. It is effective at hitting enemies who may be otherwise difficult to reach, such as those behind cover or in a vehicle.

However, the downside is that it is only effective in close-range fighting, and when at medium-range it may not kill your enemies quickly enough to prevent them from returning fire. As a counter, it has high reliability and will not rust during a long trip.

The flamethrower is an excellent urban close-quarters weapon, especially against grouped enemies, as the player can simply hose the general area down with fire en masse. In a town, the weapon can not start a brush fire, as it often does in vegetation, which can injure enemies or drive them from cover.

During sustained use, the flamethrower will use up fuel fairly quickly. It is thus recommended to use short bursts in order to conserve fuel; a quick tap of the trigger is usually enough to set the ground in front of the player on fire. If the player moves around and repeats this, they can quickly set a very large area on fire while using minimal fuel.


The most dangerous close-quarters weapon in the game, unlike shotguns, the LPO-50 can burn foliage and even prevent players from healing due to the intense flames. However its main drawback becomes even more apparent in multiplayer, as its poor range means that users must be within danger-close range to make effective use, and the target has to be engulfed in flames for nearly 2-4 seconds in order to get a kill.


Far Cry 3Edit

“The flamethrower is an incredibly destructive weapon that can lay waste to anything flammable. Use carefully to avoid getting burned.”
Item Description

“No one on Rook Island really knows how a batch of World War II-era flamethrowers from Russia arrived on their shores. Use 'em now, before they disappear into the mist.”
Survival Guide

The Flamethrower appears in Far Cry 3; this time, it takes the form of a man-portable self-contained terror weapon.

The weapon can be obtained after completing 5 Radio Towers, or by completing the mission Kick the Hornet's Nest.


Far Cry 3: Blood DragonEdit

“The flamer’s been around since ancient Greece, and you can be sure their enemies called it “being Greeked”, which probably isn’t all that different from now. Because face it, when someone sprays you with flammable gas, you are well and truly fucked. The name comes from the German “Flammenwerfer”, which is a dick move, because it sounds like you should be roasting marshmallows with it, not eyeballs. But we digress.”
Data Console
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

The Flamer is a special weapon in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon which allows Rex Colt to spray a steady stream of burning fuel onto enemies, vehicles, and the environment. It functions identically to the Flamethrower from Far Cry 3, and has not been given any special modifications to alter its use or appearance in any way.



  • The Data Console description of the Flamer references the German origins of the name "flamethrower" as a reference to the main game mission Bad Side of Town, in which Jason Brody meets Willis Huntley, who refers to the flamethrower he gives Jason as a "Flammenwerfer".

Far Cry 4Edit

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The Flamethrower returns once again in Far Cry 4. It looks and performs the same as the version from Far Cry 3.


Far Cry 5Edit

Not to be outdone, the Flamethrower appears again in Far Cry 5; this time, being wielded by Eden's Gate flamer cultists, as well as Sharky Boshaw.

Several variants can be obtained by the player.

“It does one thing and one thing only... it shoots a steady stream of fire. Pro Tip: Don't burn yourself.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The standard variant, the Flamethrower can be obtained from any weapon shop.

It can be customized with several paint schemes.


“What else are you gonna put on a Flamethrower besides flames? C'mon.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

A Prestige variant, the Flames on Flames version is decked out in a black base coat, with red flame patterns overlaid on it.

It cannot be customized, and can be purchased for $7,200 or Fc5 icon silverbars 400 Silver Bars


“Adorned with stolen gold, this flamethrower is an intimidating display of wealth”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

A gold-plated variant, the Flamebearer is a version fit for an African warlord or a flashy millennial.

It cannot be customized, and can be obtained by completing the Well Done Live Event.


“Wash away your sins.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

A Prestige variant, the Cleansing Fire was added after the completion of the Well Done event.

It cannot be customized, and can be purchased for $7,200 or Fc5 icon silverbars 400 Silver Bars


“This full spectrum flaming firearm fires flashy fire far and wide. 9/10 unicorns recommend it.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

Added in title update 11, the Flamethrower "Neon Sparkle" is similarly styled to the "Blood & Dragon" added in the same update.

Statically identical to the others, and lacking any modifications like the others, the Neon Sparkle is a very noticeable colouration.


  • The LPO-50 in Far Cry 2 is different from the real-life LPO-50. The in-game version is more compact. Furthermore, the LPO-50 in the game fires a continuous stream of fire from a single tank mounted on the weapon itself, while the real LPO-50 has three tanks worn as a backpack, each of which is expended as a single 2-3 second burst when the trigger is pulled (hence the selector switch on the weapon's side).
  • While it was replaced in Soviet service by the RPO-A "Shmel" thermobaric rocket launcher in the late 1980s, the LPO-50 remained in service in former Warsaw Pact armies until the mid-2000s.
  • The heat gauge on top of the weapon is not a heat gauge, but rather an ammo display that shows the remaining fuel. You can refuel it with petrol tanks.
  • The accuracy upgrade for the weapon is fundamentally useless, as the weapon is an area-of-effect weapon.
  • In Far Cry 3, it is useful for guerilla hit-and-run tactics; this weapon ignites enemies, sending them into a panic as they burn to death.
  • Another useful application is to hunt animals. As the targeted animal starts to burn, it will die quickly because it cannot put out the fire.
    • However, fire can spread quickly and as a result the Flamethrower must be used carefully to avoid damaging yourself or allies in the vicinity.
  • The Flamethrower can be upgraded with an extended tank, doubling the capacity of the fuel tank, and in turn doubling the amount of fire that can be applied to a situation.
    • However, even with the high capacity tank, the Flamethrower still burns through fuel quickly, making the sling upgrades necessary for continued usage.
  • It is used to burn the Pirates' marijuana farms in the campaign in order to bring Hoyt Volker to the North Island.
  • Unlike the flamethrower from Far Cry 2, the flamethrower in Far Cry 3 has a shorter barrel which can cause fires to be set prematurely if the player misses their target in multiplayer.
  • They will be carried by Privateer Heavy Flamers, and Royal Guard Heavy Flamers.
  • The Far Cry 4 variant, like the Far Cry 2 variant, appears to be a modified version of the LPO-50 Flamethrower, with the fuel canister attached to the gun rather than carried in a backpack.
  • Contrary to what Willis Huntley says when introducing the weapon however, the LPO-50 flamethrower was made in Russia and not Germany. He is most likely referring to the fact that the modern flamethrower was actually invented in Germany and was first used by the German military during World War I.

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