For the equivalent weapon in the main Far Cry 3 game, see: Flamethrower.

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“The flamer’s been around since ancient Greece, and you can be sure their enemies called it “being Greeked”, which probably isn’t all that different from now. Because face it, when someone sprays you with flammable gas, you are well and truly fucked. The name comes from the German “Flammenwerfer”, which is a dick move, because it sounds like you should be roasting marshmallows with it, not eyeballs. But we digress.”
Data Console

The Flamer is a special weapon in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon which allows Rex Colt to spray a steady stream of burning fuel onto enemies, vehicles, and the environment. It functions identically to the Flamethrower from Far Cry 3, and hasn't been given any special modifications to alter its use or appearance in any way.



  • The Data Console description of the Flamer (quoted above) references the German origins of the name "flamethrower" as a reference to the main game mission Bad Side of Town, in which Jason Brody meets Willis Huntley, who refers to the flamethrower he gives Jason as a "Flammenwerfer".

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