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Fishing Boat
Seats 1 + Gunner + Passengers
Weaponry Machine Gun (M249/M2) or Grenade Launcher (Mk 19)
Speed Slow
Armour Factor Average
The  Far Cry 2  Vehicles
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SUVs Jeep Liberty · Jeep Wrangler
Trucks Assault Truck · Cargo Truck
Boats Swamp Boat · Fishing Boat
Air Vehicles Hang Glider

The Fishing Boat is a vehicle in Far Cry 2.

The fishing boat is a trashed boat with a chipped paint job  and jury-rigged with a mounted gun. These boats can be found in commercial fishing areas such as Shwasana and Port Selao. The fishing boat has a low speed and is very loud, making it a poor choice for attacking. However, they are still faster than swimming, so they can be used to move across water if there are no other vehicles available.

Multiplayer Edit

Although it is painfully slow, the fishing boat provides a lot of protection to the pilot, so as long as there is a gunner, and passengers, due to the fact that the cabin is between 2 walls.

It is possible to ride the fishing boat as a passenger without getting on the gun or being in the driver's seat. Using this method it is possible to turn the fishing boat into a powerful gunboat capable of a hefty amount of destruction. Keep in mind, however, that one well-placed rocket can lead to the death of everyone on board. Also, be cautious of snipers when driving the fishing boat as there is no window to protect you from their sniper fire. 

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