(FC3) Punish Screenshot

Rakyat member humiliating Vaas' pirate.

Final Move is a feature in Far Cry 3's multiplayer.

At the end of any match, the best member of winning team, alongside with second and third-place finisher is allowed to choose between humiliating the best player of opposite team or showing him mercy.

There are variety of moves available, which can be unlocked simply by leveling up. Far Cry 3 features twenty seven (twenty nine with Monkey Business DLC pack) final moves in total.


(FC3) Mercy Icon
"Give your enemy a break."
— in-game description

Game features eleven (twelve with Monkey Business DLC pack) different ways of showing mercy to your opponent.

Icon Name and Description Requirements
(FC3) Mercy 2 Second Chance

Second Chance

He earned it.

Available from start.
(FC3) Mercy 1 Good Game

Good Game

Let's shake on it.

Reach level 4 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Mercy 3 Slow Clap

Slow Clap

Actions are louder than words.

Reach level 10 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Mercy 4 Thirst Quencher

Thirst Quencher

Show a little decency.

Reach level 16 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Mercy 5 Fan Service

Fan Service

Keeping it cool.

Reach level 25 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Mercy 6 Hug & Go

Hug & Go

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Reach level 31 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Mercy 7 Stay of Execution

Stay of Execution

He's not worth the bullet.

Reach level 40 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Mercy 8 Rescue


Catch and release.

Reach level 48 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Mercy 9 No Beheading

No Beheading

It's just not nice.

Reach level 57 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Mercy 10 Kalinka


Keeping it traditional.

Reach level 63 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Mercy 11 Dance Off

Dance Off

Don't pretend you don't know it.

Reach level 71 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Mercy 12 Bottoms Up Bottoms Up Monkey Business DLC Pack required.


(FC3) Punish Icon
"Hurt and humiliate the enemy."
— in-game description

Game features sixteen (seventeen with Monkey Business DLC pack) different ways to punish your opponent.

Icon Name and Description Requirements
(FC3) Punish 1 Triple Punch

Triple Punch

Third time's the charm.

Available from start.
(FC3) Punish 2 Backhand


Better turn the safety on first.

Available from start.
(FC3) Punish 3 Nutshot


Right below the belt.

Reach level 7 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 4 Face Kick

Face Kick

Why bloody your knuckles?

Reach level 13 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 5 Golf Swing

Golf Swing

Practice your drive.

Reach level 19 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 6 One-Two Combo

One-Two Combo

A good, old fashioned knockout.

Reach level 22 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 7 Firm Handshake

Firm Handshake

How's your grip?

Reach level 28 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 8 5-Finger Fillet

5-Finger Fillet

Hey, do the thing with the knife!

Reach level 34 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 9 Fan Beatdown

Fan Beatdown

Nothing better to beat the heat.

Reach level 37 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 10 Guessing Game

Guessing Game

He loses either way.

Reach level 42 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 11 Headbutt


As seen in the world of sports.

Reach level 45 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 12 Target Practice (RPG-7)

Target Practice (RPG-7)

Don't look back.

Reach level 51 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 13 Nipple Twist

Nipple Twist

Cruel and unusual punishment.

Reach level 54 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 14 Backbreaker

Back Breaker

Gravity's a bitch.

Reach level 60 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 15 Bottle Prank

Bottle Prank

That's not lemonade.

Reach level 68 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 16 Tough Love

Tough Love

Up close and far too personal.

Reach level 75 in multiplayer.
(FC3) Punish 17 Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Monkey Business DLC Pack required.


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