List of mounted weapons Edit



Mounted MKG


GL-A87 Edit

The GL-A87 can be found on technicals in the north part of Kyrat. While the rounds will take out light infantry instantly and all vehicles in at most 2 direct hits, it may take a short volley or two in order to take down heavy enemies, although they do stun foes while doing so, preventing them from shooting you while you pelt them with explosions. It can only be found in a fixed location in a handful of areas, mostly mission areas.

DShK Edit

The DShK is found on Pagan's Wrath convoy trucks, certain Technicals and Scavengers, patrol boats, and in fixed locations. It is rarely seen on technicals in the south, except on the Pagan's Wrath convoy trucks, and can be found more commonly on scavengers. It can also be found on patrol boats, making it useful for taking out other boats and enemies on land. It can also be found in fixed locations in both Northern and Southern Kyrat, although more commonly in the south. It is slightly less accurate than the MKG, and has a much slower ROF, but makes up for it with its sheer damage per shot, capable of instantly killing most infantry units, taking down heavy units with but a few shots (1-shotting them in the head), and doing massive damage to vehicles.

Mounted MKG Edit

It can be found on Technicals and Scavengers throughout Kyrat, as well as in fixed places. It is a common sight in the south of Kyrat, and is still very common in the north. It works essentially the same as the MKG, but with a slightly higher rate-of-fire, virtually no recoil, and no magazine capacity limit, although it will overheat after around 20–30 seconds of shooting, forcing the player to re-chamber it manually, which will bring the cooldown back to around 30%.

Mortar Edit

The mortar behaves very differently from other mounted weapons, as shoots many small cluster explosives at once, and can deal massive damage to groups. It also has a sight which, when aimed down, gives the player an overhead view of the area, allowing for you to not only spot and attack enemies at range, and gauge distance, but also to spot enemies, which can be very beneficial when trying to stealth large fortresses, as most areas lack overhead cover. The disadvantage is a very slow fire rate, and the fact that you can't aim at anything within 20 or 30 meters of the actual mortar. It can only be found in fixed positions, usually at road checkpoints, or near outposts, as well as in fortresses.

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