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The multiplayer mode in Far Cry 3 lets the player build custom classes that fit his play style. One of the more important choices made is what skills the player has. There are two slots for skills, and three tiers of skills.

Tier 1: Weapon SkillsEdit

Weapon Skills directly affect how your character handles all weapons, including ones that are scavenged from the battlefield. Weapon Skills can only be equipped in one slot, thus limiting the player to only one at a time. There are four Weapon Skills in the game:

  • Faster Reload: Allows all weapons used by the player to reload in roughly half the time they normally would.
  • Snap Shooting: Tightens the player's hipfire spread, increasing accuracy when not aiming down the sights.
  • Quick Draw: Decreases the time it takes for weapon switching (swapping to and from your secondary, and picking up weapons).
  • Fast Aim: Decreases the time it takes to raise a weapon to its sights

Tier 2: Hunter SkillsEdit

Hunter Skills focus on movement, and information. Specifically, they make you more agile, as well as give you more information on your surroundings, or deny your enemies information about you. Hunter Skills can only be equipped in one slot, thus limiting the player to only one at a time. There are five Hunter Skills in the game:

  • Speed Burst: Increases sprinting, walking, and crouch walking speeds (but not zipline, sliding, and mantling speeds).
  • Sixth Sense: Lets you know when you have walked into an enemies line of sight.
  • Soundproof: Decreases the sound of your footsteps (but not falls).
  • Bloodlust:
  • Rock Solid:

Tier 3: Support SkillsEdit

Support Skills focus on helping the player help his team, typically by increasing the effectiveness of another ability. Support Skills can only be equipped in one slot, thus limiting the player to only one at a time. There are three Support Skills in the game:

  • Loudmouth: Increases the range of battle cries, allowing an easier way to buff allies.
  • Healer: Decreases the time it takes to revive a teammate.
  • Tracker:

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