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This is a list of the loot that randomly can be found on dead people in Far Cry 3, on certain animals, as well as in the various chests. All this loot can be sold.

Loot to be SoldEdit

The following loot has no other use than to be sold at the stores. Apparently, certain loot will only be found on specific human AI (or Temples), as indicated by the brackets.

Also added a few items that skinning yields, but that cannot be used in crafting.

Tip: The store's Quick Sell button lets you get rid of all this junk with one click. Note the few skinned items in this list will not sell via Quick Sell.


  • Ace Playing Card
    An Ace of Clubs, one of the edges slightly nicked. Good for cheating at a poker game. (Rebel)
  • Albino Crocodile Leather
    Albino crocodile leather is tough and exquisitely textured. You'll definitely profit from its sale.
  • Alcohol Flask
    A flask of bootleg alcohol. Distilled locally and strong enough to blind a goat. (Merc)
  • Amphetamines
    A small bottle of amphetamines, with a hand-written label: "Here's the top shit I promised. Enjoy ;-) L." (Merc)
  • Ancient Coins
    Ancient Chinese coins can be up to 2,500 years old. Who knows how old the ones on Rook Island are. (Temple)


  • Batteries
    Used batteries, they may still hold a small charge. (Pirate)
  • Beaded Necklace
    A simple beaded necklace most likely made by one of the locals. (Civilian)
  • Beautiful Seashell
    It won't be hard to find a buyer for this beautiful seashell. (Civilian)
  • Big Feather
    An oversized feather. What it is doing here is a mystery. (Drunk)
  • Black Poker Chip
    A black poker chip, the embossed stamp showing it as loot from the Jeni Soleil Casino Cruise heist. (Rebel)
  • Blue Poker Chip
    A common blue poker chip from the Jeni Soleil Casino Cruise heist. Probably worth a few dollars. (Rebel)
  • Boar Fetish Item
    Looks like a small carving of a boar, someone must have a thing for them. (Rebel)
  • Bootleg DVD
    A bootleg DVD with 'XXX' scrawled on it in felt tip. It's been played a lot of times. (Merc)
  • Broken Compass
    This compass no longer works, but it'd make a nice paperweight. (Pirate)
  • Bronze Arrowhead
    The Six Noble Arts of the Zhou dynasty list archery as a skill worthy of the emperor. This arrowhead is worthy of whatever you can sell it for. (Temple)
  • Bronze Pendant
    Bronze working started in the Xia Dynasty, maybe that little fact will get you a few more bucks for this when you sell this. (Temple)
  • Bug Spray
    These islands are crawling with bugs, bet someone will happily pay for this bug spray. (Rebel)


  • Ceramic Pot
    This pot likely predates more exquisite porcelain wares, but you can probably still sell it for some cold hard cash. (Temple)
  • Ceremonial Knife
    An ornately detailed ceremonial knife, it's original use is likely long forgotten. (Rebel)
  • Chocolate Bar
    Chocolate. Full of calories but way past its expiration date. (Merc)
  • Cigarettes
    Cigarettes. Probably as valuable here as they would be in a prison. (Rebel)
  • Clay Water Dropper
    These were used to dilute ink when writing calligraphy or painting. Surely someone here will pay to take it off your hands. (Temple)
  • Cocaine Packet
    Good old-fashioned cocaine, some drugs never go out of style. (Pirate)
  • Conflict Diamond
    A rare African conflict diamond, probably brought over by a mercenary. It's sure to fetch a pretty penny. (Merc)
  • Cowrie Shell
    These things were the earliest form of money used in China. Fitting as now you can sell it and get some decent cash. (Temple)
  • Crayons
    A colorful set of crayons, an unexpected find in these parts. (Rebel)
  • Cuban Cigar
    A knock-off "Cuban" cigar, more filler weed than quality tobacco. (Merc)


  • Dog Meat
    A paper bag, damp with red spots and buzzing with flies. You can sell that. Sure. (Merc for Hire)
  • Dog Tags
    Some poor bastard's dog tags, probably worth a few pennies to collectors. (Pirate)
  • Doll Head
    The head of a doll with creepy oversized eyes, both its body and owner were likely lost long ago. (Civilian)
  • Dragon Brooch
    The Chinese sure love their dragons. Did you know that it's the only mythical creature on the Chinese zodiac? (Temple)


  • Earthenware Figurine
    A smaller version of a soldier from the famous Terracotta Army, it may look like a cheap tourist item, but it's the genuine article. (Temple)
  • Ephedrine Pill
    An ephedrine pill, handy for those with a stuffy nose and meth cooks. (Pirate)


  • Faded Photograph
    An old, faded photograph from back when people still used film. (Pirate)
  • Fake Bills
    Counterfeit money with flattened zeroes. Perhaps printed from the Shah of Iran's missing printing press? (Merc)
  • Fake ID
    A fake piece of ID? Who the hell cards in this part of the world? (Merc)
  • Feathers
    Feathers have a surprising number of uses, just ask the ancient Romans. But really, you should just sell them.
  • Funerary Urn
    Chances are, some important Chinese figure rests within, but there's no way to confirm that. Just sell it and be done with it. (Temple)


  • Gemstone
    A precious gemstone, someone will pay good money for this. (Pirate)
  • Glazed Wall Plaque
    This decorative wall plaque would make any antique collector giddy, too bad there aren't any around Rook Island. (Temple)
  • Glue
    Glue, around these parts it's more likely to be used as recreation rather than for its intended purpose. (Merc)
  • Gold Chain
    A gold chain that went out of style decades ago. (Pirate)
  • Grand Tortoise Shell
    This tortoise may have lived for hundreds of years, but now it's going to be used for god knows what when you sell it.
  • Green Poker Chip
    A regular poker chip, green, from the Jeni Soleil Casino Cruise heist. (Rebel)


  • Half-crumpled Cigarettes
    A half crumpled pack of cigarettes. Looks like someone wanted to quit but changed his mind. (Civilian)
  • Hand Carved Bowl
    A crude but old Chinese bowl, it's probably seen a lot of noodles in its time. You should be able to get some cash for it. (Temple)
  • Heron Fetish Item
    This carving of a heron was beautifully carved by someone with real talent. (Rebel)


  • Ivory Carving
    Ivory carving, illegal but beautifully made. (Merc)


  • Jack Playing Card
    A Jack of Diamonds. Someone drew a dick on poor Jack. (Rebel)
  • Jade Figurine
    Chinese jade can date back to Neolithic times, too bad no one on Rook Island knows what that means. Still, it should be worth some cash. (Temple)
  • Joint
    A day-old marijuana joint, half smoked and still pungent. (Merc)
  • Joker Playing Card
    A Joker card with a smudged phone number written on it. I guess someone got lucky. (Rebel)


  • King Playing Card
    A King of Diamonds, embossed in gold leaf no less. Appears to be valuable. (Rebel)


  • LCD Wrist Watch
    At one time this LCD watch would've been considered high tech. (Pirate)
  • Leather
    This a decent strip of leathery skin, and it should fetch a good price at the store.
  • Leather Wallet
    A worn and empty leather wallet, still soft, probably made from boar skin. (Pirate)
  • Lightstick
    A disposable light stick, with so many caves here, someone will want this. (Merc)


  • Merc Dog Tags
    A set of dog tags, probably from some merc who wanted to remember his years in the military when he meant something. (Merc for Hire)
  • Meth Crystals
    Crystal Meth, the poor man's cocaine. It's purity is questionable. (Merc)
  • Meth Pipe
    A meth pipe that's seen heavy use. (Pirate)
  • Mini Flashlight
    A mini flashlight like this would likely be a sought-after item in these parts. (Merc for Hire)


  • Narcotic Mushroom
    A small bag of dried hallucinogenic mushrooms. Barely strong enough to spice a salad. (Merc)


  • Photo of a Dwarf
    A picture of a naked dwarf, laughing and pointing at the camera. And he's not using his fingers. (Drunk)
  • Pink Handcuffs
    Why would someone place these pink and fuzzy stripper handcuffs here? Scratch that, do you really want to know? (Drunk)
  • Polymer Bank Note
    A polymer bank note, much more durable than paper money. (Pirate)
  • Porcelain Jug
    Your typical example of Chinese porcelain, or “China” as some folks call it. This would sell for a mint in the states, but expect less around these parts. (Temple)
  • Porn Mag
    A tattered porno mag with stuck pages and far too much mileage. Handle with care. (Merc)


  • Queen Playing Card
    A Queen of Hearts with extra hearts added. How cute. (Rebel)


  • Red Poker Chip
    A red poker chip with worn inlay, but definitely from the Jeni Soleil Casino Cruise heist. (Rebel)
  • Ripped Teddy Bear
    An old teddy bear, eye missing and a musty smell. Stuffing is visible between the stitches. A worn, ripped label names the bear "Bo B--". (Merc for Hire)
  • Rodent Skull Necklace
    This necklace is adorned with the skull of a small rodent. Classy. (Pirate)
  • Rusty Trombone
    It's a rusty trombone! Who knew that was real! (Drunk)
  • Rusty Utility Knife
    This rusty utility knife is dull and worn, it wouldn't even cut paper. (Pirate)


  • Sancai Statuette
    Sancai translates into “three colors”. This little statuette used to fit well into that category, but time and age have turned it into a “one-cai”. (Temple)
  • Sculpted Medicine Bottle
    Chinese medicine can include everything from ginseng to powdered tiger bones. A person who believes in that stuff will buy anything. (Temple)
  • Shark Fetish Item
    A lovingly carved miniature shark, much less intimidating than the real thing. (Rebel)
  • Shark Tooth Necklace
    A shark tooth necklace, likely of Maori origins. (Merc)
  • Shell
    Shells are hard and durable, you can definitely profit from them at the store.
  • Shutter Shades
    A pair of plastic sunglasses, shuttered like they fell out of an 80s music video. Tragically mismatched in this hell. (Merc for Hire)
  • Sir Roland Skin
    Finally, a disease-free macaque — sell this skin at the earliest opportunity.
  • Smartphone
    A battered smart phone, last decade's model, but it'll still fetch a few pennies around here. (Pirate)
  • Someone's Keys
    Whoever lost these keys won't be getting them back anytime soon. (Pirate)
  • Spent Lighter
    Someone's lucky lighter. It's little more than a trinket now that it's out of lighter fuel. (Civilian)
  • Spider Fetish Item
    A detailed carving of a spider, keep away from arachnophobes. (Rebel)
  • Spotted Sika Leather
    This beautiful Spotted Sika hide is a rare specimen indeed. It will fetch a fine price at the store.
  • Sunglasses
    Sunglasses that were once tragically hip but are now just tragic. (Pirate)


  • Toothpaste
    Toothpaste. Good to see someone still cares about dental hygiene out here. (Merc)
  • Traffic Cone
    Bright orange traffic cone with reflective stripes. The hallmark of any good night out. (Drunk)


  • Used Needles
    Used needles that really belong in a biohazard disposal bin. (Pirate)


  • Water Purification Pills
    Water purification pills, vital for staying hydrated without getting the runs. (Merc)
  • White Poker Chip
    A white poker chip worth $10, even though someone tried to scratch an extra zero on the end. (Rebel)

Loot to be used for CraftingEdit

The following loot should primarily be used for crafting, but once you have crafted all you need these items should be sold.

Skinned ItemsEdit

  • Albino Crocodile Leather
    Albino crocodile leather is tough and exquisitely textured. You'll definitely profit from its sale. Not usable for crafting.
  • Bear Skin
    Bet you could make a nice rug out of this, but it'd be a pain to clean. You're better off crafting with it instead.
  • Black Panther Leather
    This black panther skin is a rare find indeed. Cannot be discarded or sold: must be used for crafting.
  • Blood Komodo Leather
    This is a fine example of Blood Komodo dragon hide. Cannot be discarded or sold: must be used for crafting.
  • Boar Hide
    This boar hide is tough enough to use in a few crafting recipes.
  • Buffalo Hide
    Buffalo hide is plentiful and versatile, and good for crafting with.
  • Cassowary Leather
    Cassowaries are tough; honor these foes by using their leather to craft something.
  • Deer Hide
    Deer hide is tough to come by because of how hard the buggers are to catch, pardon my french, but now that you've done it, go ahead and use the hide for crafting.
  • Dingo Pelt
    This pelt may smell faintly of urine, but don't let that put you off making use of it for crafting.
  • Dog Skin
    This dog was rabid, no doubt, but by carefully removing the skin you'll have something worth crafting with.
  • Feathers
    Feathers have a surprising number of uses, just ask the ancient Romans. But really, you should just sell them. used for crafting simple arrow quiver.
  • Goat Skin
    It's goat skin, nothing more, nothing less, but definitely useful for crafting a few things.
  • Golden Tiger Leather
    This rare tiger skin is one-of-a-kind. It's too precious to sell. Cannot be discarded or sold: must be used for crafting.
  • Komodo Dragon Skin
    Komodo dragons poison victims through their saliva, but this skin is clean and safe enough to use for crafting.
  • Leather
    This a decent strip of leathery skin, and it should fetch a good price at the store. Not usable for crafting.
  • Leopard Skin
    The chances of this leopard skin ultimately ending up in New Jersey are about 50/50, if you don't craft with it.
  • Maneater Shark Skin
    Shark skin is versatile but tough to come by for obvious reasons. Cannot be discarded or sold: must be used for crafting.
  • One Horn Hide
    Buffalo hide of good quality like this is rare. Cannot be discarded or sold: must be used for crafting.
  • Pig Hide
    Pork crackling is a local delicacy, and for good reason, but you should save this skin for crafting instead.
  • Shark Skin
    Shark skin, fresh from the beast, and ready for crafting.
  • Tapir Hide
    There's more skin on this thing than you'd think. You'll be able to craft something with it for sure
  • Tiger Skin
    Skinning a tiger is no easy feat, but the crafting potential will make it worthwhile.
  • Undying Bear Leather
    It was a tough battle to get this skin, so wear it with pride by crafting it into something useful. Cannot be discarded or sold.
  • White Belly Tapir Leather
    Now this is an excellent example of white belly tapir skin. Cannot be discarded or sold: must be used for crafting.
  • Yellow Neck Leather
    An excellent specimen of cassowary leather. Cannot be discarded or sold: must be used for crafting.

Collected PlantsEdit

  • Amber Leaf
    A smaller leaf, amber in color with a musty aroma. Use it to craft Hunting syringes.
  • Blue Leaf
    A light blue leaf with a ragged edge. Use it craft Exploration syringes.
  • Crimson Leaf
    A thin crimson-colored leaf that emits a sweet rosy smell. Use it to craft Combat syringes.
  • Green Leaf
    This dark green leaf has many veins and a faint earthy smell. Use it to craft Medical syringes.
  • White Leaf
    A perfectly formed, pure white leaf. Use it to craft Special syringes.

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