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In Far Cry 3, the player can acquire a lot of different kinds of equipment.


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Most weapons in Far Cry 3.

There are various kinds of weapons in Far Cry 3. Weapons can be bought or unlocked for free by activating Radio Towers in the 'Weapons' section of stores in safe houses or towns. The player can hold four kinds of explosives and 1–4 weapons (depending on how many weapon holsters are crafted).

Weapon typesEdit

Craftable EquipmentEdit

Hunted animals can be skinned, yielding hides that can then be used as crafting materials. Almost all crafting recipes require you to craft the smaller ones to unlock the bigger ones. Many of the largest 'containers' require the skin of a rare animal as a crafting material. These rare animals can only be hunted during the Path of the Hunter missions, and need to be killed with a specific weapon (a bow or shotgun). All of this craftable equipment has the same purpose: allow the player to carry more items, be it ammunition, money or fuel.

Body ArmourEdit

The player can buy/find body armour, in the form of bullet-proof vests. This will add a thin blue bar next to the health bar. This bar will decrease when the player gets hit. This way, the player's health bar will decrease more slowly when hit, the armour simply absorbs some of the damage. Note: Unlike the health bar, the armour bar will not regenerate at all. When it is totally depleted, the player will have to find/buy another bullet-proof vest.

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