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Falls End is a story mission in Far Cry 5. It takes place in John Seed's region of Holland Valley, in the South-west portion of Hope County.

This mission tasks players with securing Fall's End and rescuing Pastor Jerome Jeffries from the cult.


Go to Fall's EndEdit

After the Deputy completes his island, Dutch will inform the Deputy when they head into Holland Valley that they should go to Fall's End and help liberate it, as it has been captured by the Peggies and it is important strategically as it's a center focal point for the whole valley.

Secure Fall's EndEdit

Eliminate the Peggies all over Fall's End, and free captured Resistance fighters. Among the captured fighters inside the church is Pastor Jeffries, who is one of the resistance leaders.

Destroy the Air SupportEdit

By this point, a Chosen-piloted aircraft will show up, and you will need to destroy it.

After taking out the aircraft and mopping up the straglers, Jerome will take you to the Spread Eagle Bar to have a drink, and to meet the proprietor, Mary May Fairgrave.


  • 900 Resistance Points (Holland Valley)
  • Access to Traders in Fall's End



  • This mission is very easily bypassed by completing resistance tier one in the Holland Valley by looting Reaping Trucks, taking out Silos, killing VIPs, or destroying roadblocks.
  • Having Hurk, or another heavy hitter specialist as a Gun for Hire should help speed things up.
  • Players can use the rooftop turret to take out the plane once it becomes a problem.